A Student’s Guide to Living (And Studying) in Birmingham

If you’re considering one of the many universities in Birmingham, you’re probably aware that the city offers amazing nightlife and legendary curry. You may even have already visited the Balti Triangle when checking out the city!

However, did you know that Birmingham is the home of Cadbury’s? The chocolate company built a model village called Bournville for their employees! There’s so much to love about Birmingham, and interesting bits of history everywhere you turn. Did you know that it also used to be the home of the industrial metal industry?

Whether you’re looking at Aston University, Birmingham City University, Birmingham University, Newman University or University Collect, this bustling city has plenty to offer. With so many students flocking here, there’s also a broad offering of Birmingham student accommodation to choose from.

This striking city is full of pointers to the past; canals, factories and historical buildings mean you can easily imagine the industrial routes of the place. The city, and universities in it, are diverse and welcoming.  You’re likely to find many different cultures represented and languages spoken. However far you’ve travelled to make Birmingham your home, make sure to mark Diwali in your calendar for a city-wide celebration!

Birmingham has five universities, and two major football clubs! Both Aston Villa and Birmingham City FC have loyal (and vocal) fan bases in the city. There are also ample leisure facilities throughout the area, if you prefer to play than watch! As the second largest city in the UK, it has every amenity you can imagine and excellent transport links.

Art galleries, museums, historic buildings, a zoo, botanical gardens, places of worship, stadiums, spas… Birmingham has it all! There are also different conservation areas in the city, so you can plan plenty of unique days out exploring.

There are also 571 different parks. If you’re a gym bunny it’s worth considering your proximity to these and to council or university leisure facilities when hunting for student accommodation.

If you’re looking for culture, look no further! Birmingham has a lively arts scene, including performances from international touring level at Birmingham Hippodrome to small cabaret show and fringe theatre. It also regularly receives touring productions of the West End’s most popular shows.

Birmingham is known for excellent transport routes, being well connected by road, rail and an airport. From a university accommodation standpoint, there are a number of options all conveniently located for moving around the city with regular bus routes on the doorstep. 

Birmingham has so much to offer. A lively city known for being open and interesting, it has every cosmopolitan convenience andmore miles of canals than Venice! There are options to suit every budget, from luxury boutiques to high street staples, fine dining to street food, and health clubs to park runs!

With one of the youngest populations of all European cities, your home won’t be the only place with an accessible vibe! 40% of Birmingham residents are under the age of 25, so it’s full of things to do and like-minded people to enjoy them with.

Almero accommodation is specifically located to help you get the most out of your time at university. Making Almero your home means comfort, convenience and community. Please contact our team today to find out more, and we look forward to helping you experience this wonderful city.