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Dreaming spires of Oxford, a historical city that has been home to scholars, film stars and royalty. A bustling cosmopolitan that balances ancient, classical architecture with modern city life.



Almero Student

It’s all included 

One of the best things about being an Almero student at The Park, Oxford is that we include all your bills as part of your rent. That’s right, we include gas and electricity which means the only cost you need to worry about is your weekly rent price. 

It makes budgeting that much easier when studying away from home.  

A full calendar of free student events

Being part of the Almero community includes you being able to join in with our packed calendar of student events around Oxford. We run events such as the pancake and hot chocolate stations, movie nights, scavenger hunts, get to know your city tours, sports screenings, and Christmas/Halloween parties. We’re always adding new events to our lineup from students' requests. Recently we have added Holi, Eid, Nottingham Forrest championship play-off screening, icebreaker games and snacks on request. 

Our dedicated event coordinator, Hayley is always available to discuss new ideas with students.  

Tented summer pavilion in the spacious courtyard 

We have been working across The Park to improve our facilities and services for our Almero students. We recently renovated the kitchen areas and are in the process of creating a dynamic and beautifully designed communal area for The Park. Our tented summer pavilion will be an ideal spot for a bit of quiet study, meeting other students, reading or for our great events to take place. The common area is exclusive for Almero students and can be accessed 7 days a week.  

Brand new, renovated kitchens 

We have recently completed a full kitchen renovation for Almero students to enjoy using. Our kitchens are fully furnished with plenty of modern touches, a couple of changes have been our 6-bed kitchens now include two ovens and double sinks. They’re perfect for socialising with your housemates, whether that’s trying a new recipe together or catching up over a coffee in the morning.  

student rooms in Oxford

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University of Oxford

One of the most prestigious universities, globally. The university is synonymous with the city. There are 39 colleges that make up the University of Oxford, the oldest English-speaking university in the world. The University of Oxford is the oldest and most famous university in Oxford. Its traditional rival is Cambridge University. There are around 18,000 students studying at the University of Oxford, with 11,000 being full-time undergraduates. 

Oxford doesn’t have a central campus, rather it has individual colleges placed all over the city of Oxford. Every student is a member of a college, their course department as well as the University of Oxford. Students live in their college accommodation in their first year, with the option to live in campus accommodation in their last year. Students mix within and external of their colleges and can have friends over to their college or invite them to some of the college’s events. There is also the option of inter-college sport and drama activities. Each college has its own unique characteristics and inclusions but generally, all include:

  • Staffed entrance and reception

  • Dining hall

  • Lending library

  • Student accommodation

  • Tutors’ teaching rooms

  • Laundry facilities

  • Music rooms

  • Green spaces

  • Common room (known as the Junior Common Room or JCR)

Some of the famous colleges of Oxford:

Christ Church College

Magdalen College

Keble College

Oriel College

Balliol College

New College

All Souls

Trinity College

Queen’s College

Merton College

Oxford Brookes University

Oxford Brookes University is a more modern university. It’s vibrant and has a diverse range of undergraduate and postgraduate courses. Oxford Brookes has an excellent graduate employment record. Originally it was set up in 1865 as the Oxford School of Art. The university’s motto is learning through doing with campuses in Harcourt Hill, Headington, Wheatley and Swindon. 

The university offers foundation, undergraduate, postgraduate and professional programmes across disciplines, these include Schools of Arts, Oxford Brookes Business School, Oxford School of Hospitality Management, Department of Biological & Medical Sciences, Department of Psychology, Health and Professional Development, Department of Sport, Health Sciences & Social Work, Oxford School of Nursing & Midwifery, School of Education, Department of English & Modern Languages, School of Engineering, Computing & Mathematics, School of History, Philosophy & Culture, School of Law, Institute of Public Care, Department of Social Sciences, School of Architecture and School of the Built Environment.

Ruskin College

Ruskin College offers adult learning to people of all ages and backgrounds. With historic links to the University of Oxford, they offer university-standard education and facilities, without the need for qualifications.

For many of their adult learners, financial, personal or social obstacles have made it impossible for them to take educational chances earlier in their lives.

With courses to suit everyone, whatever the situation: whether it’s Further Education, Higher Education, getting into employment or simply a desire to develop personal interests.

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