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Bustling Leeds has long been famed for its suitability to the student lifestyle. The self-styled unofficial capital of Yorkshire, Leeds is a lively, multicultural city bursting with vitality, from a thriving arts and culture scene to top-class sport and places to visit.



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As the fourth biggest city in the UK, with five higher education institutions including two universities, Leeds is diverse and thriving, and offers the perfect blend of study opportunities and social life. You’re in good company; tens of thousands of students make the decision to study here every year.

Three things you probably didn’t know about Leeds…

  • Leeds West Indian Carnival is the longest-running event in Europe and has been going since 1967.

  • Leeds gave the UK the internet, through Freeserve, the first-ever British internet service provider.

  • The world’s first-ever films were made in Leeds.The very first motion pictures were shot in a garden in Roundhay in 1888.

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