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Two world famous football clubs and the liveliest music scene and nightlife going, all wrapped up in a dynamic and friendly city. That’s Manchester.



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Boasting the largest student community outside of London and with its enviable menu of sport, entertainment, art and culture, shopping and much, much more Manchester is a vibrant and exciting place to combine your social life and your academic life. Not forgetting, it’s also home to Corrie – Coronation Street – the most famous fictional street on UK television. Good choice. If you're planning on studying here, we have a wide range of student rooms available in Manchester.

Three things you probably didn’t know about Manchester…

  • The start of professional football: The Football League dates back to 1888, from a meeting at the Royal Hotel in Manchester. 

  • The home of Vimto: Created at Granby Row in Manchester in 1908, Vimto was concocted by Noel Nichols, a wholesaler of herbs, spices and medicines.

  • Where modern vegetarianism started: William Cowherd started the trend of eating no meat, leading to what we now consider vegetarianism, in a chapel in Salford in 1847.

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There are more than 100,000 students enrolled in the city’s various universities, resulting in approximately 36,000 graduates each year. Some of the schools you might be considering include:

University of Manchester

This historic institution traces its history back to the University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology (UMIST) in 1824. In 2004, UMIST joined with the Victoria University of Manchester (founded in 1851) to assume its present form. A part of the Russel Group, it is the largest single-campus University in the United Kingdom.

Manchester Metropolitan University

Manchester Metropolitan University lays claim to the UK’s second-largest business school, and like the University of Manchester, it can trace its history to 1824, when the Manchester Mechanics Institute was formed. It is one of the greenest universities in the UK. Some of its most popular majors include pre-medicine studies, business, kinesiology and exercise science.

University of Salford

The University of Salford is known for its friendly atmosphere and worldwide-accredited courses recognized for the high standard of education they impart. The main Peel Park campus is less than 2.4 kilometres from Manchester city centre. The campus is also home to the Salford Museum and Art Gallery, the first unconditionally free public library in England.

University of Bolton

The University of Bolton offers vocationally focused degree programs. The school welcomes students from all parts of the globe, and smaller class sizes allow for interactive lessons and high-quality education. In fact, it has been recognized in student voting as one of the UK’s top universities when it comes to teaching quality.

University Academy 92

Announced in September of 2017, the campus launched in September 2019, with the first hundred students starting the next month. University Academy 92 (UA92) offers “broader courses than traditional degrees, designed to enhance life skills as well as employability.” Education focuses on skills necessary for the workplace.

Royal Northern College

Royal Northern College is a conservatoire, a school specialising in the performing arts. It was founded in 1973, though its history dates back to the late 19th century establishment of the Royal Manchester College of Music. More than just a centre of education, it is also one of the busiest public performance venues in the UK.

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