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Two world famous football clubs and the liveliest music scene and nightlife going, all wrapped up in a dynamic and friendly city. That’s Manchester.



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Boasting the largest student community outside of London and with its enviable menu of sport, entertainment, art and culture, shopping and much, much more Manchester is a vibrant and exciting place to combine your social life and your academic life. Not forgetting, it’s also home to Corrie – Coronation Street – the most famous fictional street on UK television. Good choice.

Three things you probably didn’t know about Manchester…

  • The start of professional football: The Football League dates back to 1888, from a meeting at the Royal Hotel in Manchester. 

  • The home of Vimto: Created at Granby Row in Manchester in 1908, Vimto was concocted by Noel Nichols, a wholesaler of herbs, spices and medicines.

  • Where modern vegetarianism started: William Cowherd started the trend of eating no meat, leading to what we now consider vegetarianism, in a chapel in Salford in 1847.

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