Best ways to relax in Exeter

If you are looking to study in Exeter during the forthcoming academic year then you may well be curious as to what the historic city has to offer, or perhaps you have been studying in the city during your first year but feel you haven’t quite explored your new home. Exeter is an ancient city on the River Exe. The dwelling dates back to the Roman era and the Exeter City Walls surround its centre and Gothic Exeter Cathedral. This makes it a hotspot for any students or indeed other individuals with a keen interest in history or Norman Britain. Vaulted, medieval underground passages snake beneath the city making it an unbelievably interesting location to explore at your leisure.


Things to do in Exeter

Perhaps the main attraction is Exeter Castle, a Norman landmark that overlooks leafy Northernhay and Rougemont Gardens. One of the most picturesque locations in Exeter and ideal for anyone wanting to relax in quintessentially English surroundings and soak up some real culture. When at Exeter castle, one only needs to head west to enjoy such Exeter attractions as The Royal Albert Memorial Museum & Art Gallery, which contains fine art and costumes dating back to some fascinating periods of history.

Crealy Great Adventure Park

If you’re after something a bit more light-hearted when looking to relax in Exeter, then Crealy Great Adventure Park is located on the backdrop of some stunning southern English countryside. The theme park has no less than 60 attractions and is just minutes from Junction 30 of the M5 and has plenty of parking facilities, meaning it is very accessible for anyone living in the Exeter area. So, if relaxation for you comes in the form of rides, parks, snack food and beautiful scenery, Crealy Adventure Park is well worth a visit.

exeter quay

Exeter Quay

Our third recommendation for the best ways to relax in Exeter is the quayside. The historic quay is one of the most attractive areas of the city and attracts thousands of visitors as well as many locals, particularly during the summer months. Like Exeter Castle and the museums, the quay is steep in history with architectural attractions nestled in between a diverse range of pubs, bars and restaurants; all of which have kept an unmistakable Exeter feel throughout the generations. If you wish to spend the day at Exeter Quay, one may wish to explore the antique shops, take a boat ride or hire a bicycle to ensure you can take in all the delights the Quay has to offer. If this sounds like your idea of a good day out in Exeter, then we recommend that you visit Custom House Visitor Centre where the attentive staff will be only too happy to help you plan your day out. Events are held at Exeter Quay throughout the year from marathons and fun runs to gigs, live music and food festivals; making the Quay a fabulous destination for relaxing and socialising all year round.

As you will no doubt already be aware if you are planning to study in Exeter or have already begun your studies there, Exeter is a fantastic place to spend your spare time with a range of cultural activities and some more laid back attractions. Add to this one of the most reputable Universities in the UK and it is hardly surprising that the south west of the country is making a resurgence as one of the more popular destinations for study.