Best luxury takeaway & delivery food in Nottingham

Let’s face it, nothing really hits the spot like a great takeaway. This is especially the case when it has been delivered to your home or halls of residence and all you have had to do is pick your meal from your app or website of choice.

Whether this is after a long day of tutorials and lectures or a weekend around and about town, a high quality, luxury takeaway really can be the best way to unwind in front of the television with your friends or significant other.


The problem is that with the incredible selection of takeaway food available at our fingertips since the advent of apps such as Hungry House and Just Eat, the chances of us ending up with a meal which doesn’t quite satisfy us are higher than ever.

Of course, these things are down to taste but we have put together this superb guide to finding the best takeaway Nottingham has to offer, to ensure your gourmet delivery doesn’t end up leaving a bad taste in your mouth.

What’s more, due to the fact we know that everyone has their favourite cuisine which never fails to satisfy, we have even given you our favourite places to eat in Nottingham by style – so there is something for everyone.

Indian – Mewar Haveli

We start our guide with what is undoubtedly the UK’s favourite takeaway and when it comes to luxury, a fresh and well-made curry never fails to hit the spot. However, Indian is a perfect example of a takeaway which can be hit and miss at times so we have found you the finest that Nottingham has to offer.

We scoured the city of Nottingham and checked every website, review and testimonial we could find and can tell you that the best luxury Indian takeaway in Nottingham is Mewar Haveli. This takeaway is the 7th best restaurant in Nottingham according to Trip Advisor and the very best that offers delivery.

Famous around the city for its fine dining establishment and high levels of customer service, their delivery option is also extremely popular and efficient.

The team at this restaurant takes serious care over every dish and always ensures that your food arrives at your house in the same state it leaves the restaurant in to ensure quality. If you are after an authentic curry that will bring all the flavours of India to your doorstep, then this is undoubtedly the takeaway for you.

Chinese – Top Chef

From our research, it seems that Top Chef is one of the finest places to eat from in Nottingham and one of the best takeaway restaurants Nottingham has to offer and certainly top of the luxury takeaway stakes in Nottingham. Sub-standard Chinese food has somewhat of a bad reputation these days for being too full of sodium and MSG, but not at Top Chef where quality and flavour are top of the agenda.


You will find fantastic reviews of these Chinese delivery specialists all over the web and from speaking to some of the upper echelons of the Nottingham community, it quickly became clear that this is the establishment for anyone looking for a sophisticated and authentic Chinese takeaway.

One of the great things about Top Chef is that they only do delivery, so you can rest assured that your order is always treated as a priority. The chefs here also refuse to rush your dishes out as quickly as possible, as ensuring that every meal oozes luxury and quality is their number one goal. All in all, Top Chef is our top pick when it comes to getting a five star Chinese meal delivered straight to your home.

Italian – Suede Bar

If you are trying to keep away from the rich flavours and spices that you invariably find in Chinese and Indian cuisine, then a high quality Italian takeaway could well be your best option. There are a select few of these in Nottingham that we feel provide a luxury, premium service and picking our best took some thought.

After much pondering, we decided to go with the best reviews online and the thoughts of a few carefully selected locals. We then duly decided to crown Suede Bar, situated on Heathcoat Street as the luxury Italian takeaway champions of Nottingham.

Although more famous in the city for their great restaurant, friendly staff and authentic pizzas, these guys will also deliver your meal making them local heroes. As anyone who has eaten there before will be able to confirm, their dishes taste like they are directly from the Italian countryside and all their reviews rave about the smells and tastes their chefs conjure with ease.

This restaurant is always packed and is well worth booking a table for in advance if you and your friends fancy a night in a wonderful restaurant, but if you fancy staying at home then when it comes to some of the finest takeaway food the city of Nottingham has to offer, Suede Bar should be one of your first ports of call.

Students in Nottingham are of course blessed with a diverse range of culinary styles and influences and it would be impossible to fit every luxury takeaway into one article but we hope that this gives you a gist of what is available and a little inspiration. These three takeaways certainly seem to be earning rave reviews at present but there is so much more to explore in this great city. We are sure you will do just that.


We hope you enjoyed the latest guide from Almero Student Mansions, you can find more just like this in our ever popular blog.