The best luxury takeaway & delivery food in Bristol 

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For any Bristol students who read our recent guide to the best takeaway and delivery food in Nottingham with interest and were sat there salivating at the prospect of such high calibre cuisine, we have some fantastic news indeed.

No sooner had we finished scouring Nottingham for the very best takeaway food the city had to offer, that we started performing the very same analysis for Bristol.

So, we are now delighted to bring you the best luxury takeaway and delivery food in Bristol.

Finding the finest gourmet food, all available for delivery to your home or halls of residence was quite challenge due to the diverse range of foods available in the South Western city, from an array of different cultures and backgrounds but as ever, we are confident that our guide contains all you need to know when looking for the perfect dish.

Gourmet Burgers - YoYo Burger

Now hamburgers may not be what you immediately associate with luxury food, but they have definitely undergone somewhat of a makeover in recent years. A far cry from the dry and droll affairs originally thought up by our American cousins, the gentrification of many British cities has seen the burger become a serious dish and one that can really hit the spot when you are looking for a luxuriously satisfying takeaway in Bristol.


A photo posted by YoYo Burger (@yoyoburger_on_d_triangle) on Oct 20, 2014 at 5:30am PDT

YoYo Burger have an incredible reputation in Bristol due to the fact that they specialise in delivery and have become masters at ensuring every ounce of this quality is maintained during transit to your living room.

You can read their Twitter page to find out their recipes and inventions and their menu is ever changing, meaning there is rarely a dull moment when ordering from these luxury takeaway aficionados.

Luxury Lebanese - Afendi Restaurant & Café

Our quest to find the best luxury takeaway and delivery food in Bristol then took us to a Lebanese outfit by the name of Afendi Restaurant & Café. Afendi is actually the highest rated restaurant on Just Eat in the whole of Bristol when it comes to takeaway food and is hugely popular due to the authenticity of its dishes.

Lebanese may be unfamiliar to some but it is a fantastic mix of North African and Mediterranean flavours and despite being really healthy, is also packed with serious flavour. If you love dishes such as hummus, olives and sambousa then this luxury takeaway could well be for you.

Afendi offer discounts for parties, 10% off all deliveries and even a free desert for anyone spending £20 or more, which is perfect for anyone with a sweet tooth. So, if you are looking for a luxury delivery service that will provide a vast range of flavours and tastes and take you on a journey through middle eastern culture, we highly recommend Afendi Restaurant & Café.

Luxury Indian – The Raj

When it comes to a gourmet takeaway that delivers serious flavour, then most of us look to an Indian takeaway however these are usually the delivery services which need to be approached with the most caution. Few things are tastier than a great curry but get one that is below par and you could regret it for some time.

Thankfully, the Almero Student Mansions team have found you the best luxury Indian takeaway in the entire city of Bristol. The Raj is right in the upper echelons of all the restaurants in the city, nestled nicely in the top 20 places to eat Bristol-wide and their delivery service makes them a versatile choice when looking for one of the best eateries in the area.

Some of the top comments about the Raj include positive reviews regarding the freshness of their seafood, the lack of oil found in their dishes and the fresh flavours that can be found in every mouthful. You can read more of these reviews for yourself, but we can most definitely give this takeaway the Almero thumbs up when it comes to premium quality takeaways in Bristol.

Luxury Chinese In Bristol - Cathay Rendezvous

Last but certainly not least in our list of the best luxury takeaway and delivery food in Bristol is our favourite Chinese restaurant. Cathay Rendezvous is situated on the city's popular King Street and the building actually dates back to the 1600's. The restaurant is extremely elegant and this is complemented beautifully by the quality and freshness of their Asian flavours; thankfully this is very much the case with their delivery service as well.

Cathay Rendezvous in Bristol

This Chinese takeaway fares very well on the review sites such as TripAdvisor, with over a hundred five star comments. We can recommend the soups if you opt for Chinese when ordering your takeaway in Bristol. It's not just us who recommends them, as they get the majority of the rave reviews. The portion sizes and authentic ingredients make this restaurant a winner whether it comes to a sit down meal or a takeaway delivered right to your door.

Bristol's Best Takeaways

Overall, Bristol really does have an eclectic range of takeaways to choose from when ordering from the higher end of the restaurants available and putting this guide together was quite tricky, in that we inevitably had to leave out some outstanding food vendors.

Although the above establishments are definitely our top picks, we recommend having a good look around the likes of Just Eat and Hungry House and sorting by average rating. These will be the more expensive restaurants which will deliver the quality and flavour you are looking for as refined "foodies".

Remember you can get in touch with the Almero Student Mansions team to discuss any aspect of enjoying the finer things in life when studying in Bristol. Our accommodation is pure luxury and we also have all sorts of other resources just like this one in our ever popular blog.