Almero Student unveils Beech Gardens

Almero Student unveils Beech Gardens in Birmingham, purpose-built student accommodation - an ideal antidote to the last 18 months.

Almero Student’s purpose-built student accommodation is the perfect antidote to the missed social opportunities university living provides. Beech Gardens is a green oasis nestled within an acre of garden space exclusive for its residents as well as two large garden pavilions built for the 21/22 intake.

Almero Student offers students a great place to live, study and socialise, with a mix of different room types, there’s something for everyone. 5-bed and 3-bed cluster rooms that have a shared kitchen, bathroom and living areas are perfect for those looking to share or book as a group. Cluster rooms with private bathrooms and studio apartments are perfect for those looking for a little more privacy and elegance. Many students choose to book as a group for the 5-bed cluster, enjoying living in Birmingham with some of their closest friends. Beech Gardens also include options such as a kosher kitchen following student feedback or a single-gender cluster (both available on request).

New for this year, Almero Student also offers a Weekday Stay option which is perfect for students living locally looking to have a mix of student living as well as being able to travel home for the weekends. Its flexibility means heading to university is a breeze by allowing students in the surrounding areas to leave belongings in their room and avoid early morning travel or an expensive late-night taxi. Our weekday stay offer has been popular with students who also have part-time jobs in Birmingham and the surrounding areas.

Nearby are plenty of great places to eat such as Adam's for Michelin Star quality gastronomy, Craftfor dining in heated/air-conditioned pods and La Galleria for family-dining Italian meals. Birmingham, affectionately known by locals as Brum, boasts great watering holes such as The Botanist, 40 St Paul’s and Aluna. Birmingham, while known for great academia, nightlife and baltis are not short of culture. Places to include on your hitlist should have these bucket list items: Cadbury’s World, Birmingham Hippodrome, Thinktank Birmingham Science Museum & Dudley Zoo and Castle. As well as the greenery in Edgbaston, there is also the Tolkien Trailwhich is ideal for fans of The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings as J.R.R. Tolkien who spent time growing up in Birmingham and was inspired by the locality for his novels. There is also the Botanical Gardens, the Library of Birmingham and numerous canals (Birmingham has more than Venice!).

The newly renovated student accommodation at Almero Student Beech Gardens includes all the built-ins to make your experience comfortable and enjoyable. Each room has ¾ sized beds with lots of under bed storage, a set of drawers, a wardrobe to hang clothing, and a large desk and pinboard included. In each kitchen, there is a large modern fridge/freezer, microwave, oven and lots of cupboard space. We recommend that students wait until their flatmates have arrived (if sharing) to decide what else to buy for their kitchen to avoid owning 5 sets of pans, cutlery and glasses. The spacious shared living space is ideal for group meals or sitting on the sofa to enjoy a film, with all flats including a TV and TV license (required in the UK to watch TV and on-demand).

Coming soon to Beech Gardens are two treehouse garden pavilions: a chill-out pavilion and a games room fitted with a foosball table, table tennis, comfy sofas and more. The second room will be a serene study room equipped with ergonomic workstations and a place to hit the books to avoid late-night commutes from the library.

If you’re heading to the University of Birmingham, Aston University, Birmingham City University, Newman University or University College Birmingham, Almero Student is well worth consideration for your student accommodation. We offer virtual or in-person tours to get a feel for which accommodation type is right for you.