Your A-Z guide to student accommodation

Student accommodation choice can be overwhelming. We know there’s loads to think about, so we’ve broken down some key considerations into a bite size ordered list. Who doesn’t love a list?


Accommodation. Obvious, but important. How do you want to live? There are so many options. A room in catered university halls? A studio apartment in a private student housing block? A shared rented house with friends? We’ve summarised some pros and cons of each in this blog.


Bills. University accommodation will come at a fixed price, and so does Almero Student private accommodation. We sort all of your utilities for you, and charge one fixed fee throughout the year, so you don’t need to think about providers, accounts, or fluctuating costs.


Cooking. Are you ready to feed yourself, for three meals a day? If not, perhaps consider catered accommodation. If you’re a chef already, or primed for this new chapter, be clear on what is provided with your student housing, and what you need to bring.


Damage and deposit. Get clear on the deposit and damages situation. Some student accommodation will have detailed breakdowns of potential costs, whilst others will have a more general ‘beyond usual fair usage wear and tear’ clauses.


Environment. Look for properties which have passed environmental assessments. These will be kinder on your wallet, and to the planet. Think also about access to recycling and features such clean energy and bike parking.


Flatmates. Pick wisely! The people you love a night out with or sit next to in lectures might not be those who will make the happiest home. Think about what’s important to you and find like-minded students to share with, or consider renting a room or studio of your own.


Gardens. Some student housing will come with a garden. Check who is responsible for the upkeep of this space. At Almero Student accommodation we maintain and service all landscaped areas, so all you need to do is enjoy your space!


Heating can be a great divider in private rented student housing. It’s hard to discuss in advance, but try to find housemates who share your approach. Have you the money to have radiators on at the first chilly wind? Or are you an ‘add three layers before you think about boosting the money drain of heating’ type?


Insurance. Look at what’s included with your accommodation. Very few types of student housing include contents insurance, so check that you’ve protected your laptop and personal belongings. Equally, be sure that any private rented student housing includes building insurance so you’re not stuck if problems develop!


Jobs: Are you considering a part time job while at uni? Make sure that your student accommodation allows for easy access to possible employment opportunities, such as coffee shops, the high street, or pubs.


Keys. Whether it’s a traditional key, a card, or a code, the access system to your student accommodation, house or flat should make you feel totally secure. Be sure to protect yourself and others by following the appropriate protocols, and be mindful of your keys as they’re often expensive to replace!


Location. Think about what’s important to you, specifically. Access to the sports fields? A safe walk home from late studies in the library? Nights out on your doorstep? Will you be learning in an off-campus lab or city centre lecture halls?


Maintenance. Who is responsible for the upkeep of your student housing? Is there a warden, landlord, letting agent or management team you can contact if things go wrong? All Almero Student accommodation includes management you can call any time, and a maintenance team on hand to fix anything that might come up.


Noise. When looking at student accommodation, think about how peaceful you need a home to be. Will road noise distract you from studying? Are the walls thick enough for privacy from your housemate’s latest spotify soundtrack?


Out of hours. What does your student accommodation include in terms of support? University halls usually provide a 24/7 support service to help with any issues, and all Almero Student properties and accommodation offer the same.


Parking. If you intend to bring a car to university, do some serious research around parking. If a private vehicle is part of your access requirements, please contact our team to find out more.


Quality. You get what you pay for, but with student accommodation sometimes you’re paying for location alone. Look at the level of furnishing, amenities and service provided as well as proximity to the city centre or university buildings.


Respect. Ensure that this exists in all directions. That you treat your neighbours, housemates and environment with it, and equally that your accommodation provider affords it to you!


Safety. Being safe is the most important factor in feeling comfortable. Look at the area and student accommodation itself. Is there CCTV? Are there wardens you can call with any concerns?


Transport. Think about travel within your university city, but also about getting home to your family. Do you need to be close to a rail station? How will you move around during term time?


University accreditation. Look for accommodation which is approved by your institution. Often the accommodation team will recommend agencies, landlords and private student accommodation providers. These are the ones to go for!


Visitors. Are you hoping to have friends or family come to stay? Look at the policy or terms of your lease agreement. Different student accommodation options will allow different things, so make sure what you’re hoping for is possible!


Wellbeing. Think seriously about what is important for your physical and emotional health. Where you live can play a significant role in how you feel.


We’re smart, but not this smart. We refuse to write an entry on xylophones.


Yes. This is nearly the end, but the last one is important!


Zzzz. A bit of a cheat, we know, but sleep is crucial for health, happiness and success. Make sure your bedroom will let you get enough shut eye. Think about how noisy it is, what temperature you need, and whether the bed provided will be comfortable enough.