Why you should invest more time in clubs and societies

University is regarded by many as the best time of one’s life and one that should be savoured. As the last rite of passage before we enter the world of gainful employment, our time at university is truly exciting; albeit challenging and sometimes arduous.

This said, your three or four years at university (potentially longer if you decide to embark upon a masters) are really what we make them and there are some sure-fire ways to ensure that the last few years of freedom from full time employment, mortgages and the other rigours of adult life, are enjoyed to the full.

Here at Almero Student Mansions, as well as offering you some of the finest luxury student accommodation in the cities of Bristol, Exeter and Nottingham, we like to go a step further. We know our locations inside out and as well as giving you student advice pieces on your chosen locale. Also bringing you features that will allow you to get absolutely everything out of your time studying for your degree.

In today’s article, we are examining just why you should invest time into the various clubs and societies that are available at your university in order to enrich your experience.

What Are The Best Things To Do At Uni?

All universities across the country will have a plethora of activities for you to get involved with alongside your studies and socialising. Student nights out and the local pubs are great, but there are all sorts of other student activities that allow you to meet like-minded individuals and enjoy some of the things that may not have been available to you where you grew up.

University Activities In Exeter

If you are studying in Exeter, then as well as the usual sports teams and societies there are lots of opportunities available for volunteering in the city and enhancing your social life. There are actually over 180 guild-affiliated societies and thousands of students sign up to these, every academic year.

There are conventional groups such as The English Society and Jazz Orchestra, there are also groups dedicated to some weird and wonderful pastimes such as chocolate, and even hide and seek. As you can see, the diverse range of communities available in Exeter will cater for all tastes and interests and really allow you to make the most out of your time there.


Jazz Band

Student Activities In Bristol

The clubs and societies available in Bristol are perhaps more traditional in their nature, but this area of the country has a rich sporting heritage and this could well be why you chose to study in the south west.

That said, you can join groups focussed on things such as advertising and marketing, performance, religion and even dance. You are likely to find a group that will satisfy your creative nature also allow you to meet all sorts of different people.

If you are keen on your sports however, then you will be thoroughly impressed with what is available in Bristol. There are societies for pretty much any sport you can think of and the facilities in this part of the country are pretty much second to none.

Clubs & Societies In Nottingham

Last but certainly not least, Nottingham. There also has an incredible array of clubs and activities available in what is one of the most vibrant student communities in the UK. One only has to go to the fresher’s fair in the famous student city to see what is available and many freshers find it can take days to explore all of the opportunities available.

There are in fact over 200 societies in Nottingham covering interests from associations, course assistance, general hobbies and religion.

The sports clubs in the city are also what one would expect from a region that boats two major football teams and one of the more successful cricketing counties.

Rugby Club

Finally, the city also offers opportunities for fundraising, media, TV and theatre, really emphasising how studying for one’s degree, although the priority at university, is far from the main event when you study away from home.

These activities are there for your enjoyment and also to facilitate the meeting of as many new people during your time at university. Although three years may sound like a long time, it will whizz by, really making it all the more important that you embrace them and fulfil their potential.

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