Which shops can you get student discounts from?

With the summer break just around the corner, the team at Almero Student Mansions have been keen to cover some topics here at our blog that offers a little respite from exam season. The end will be in sight for many of you, so what can you look forward to when it is all done in a few months?

Some of you will be considering luxury holidays, and others work experience, while everyone will simply be looking forward to spending a few months relaxing after a gruelling few months of hardcore revision, coursework and exams.

50% off discount
But another great thing about summer is that it gives you a chance to take advantage of your student discount benefits without having to worry about early morning lectures or seminars.

Now, we know that Almero residents enjoy the finer things in life and tend not to be too concerned with thriftiness, but nonetheless, we have found some great student discount shops and restaurants that may well be of interest. So, when your studies are concluded for the current academic year and the time arrives to enjoy one’s self, be sure to take a look at these student discounts online, and remember to check for NUS stickers in your local town.

What Are The Best Student Discount Shops Near Me?

All sorts of high street retailers and shops offer student discount. After all, the student demographic is already huge in the UK, and only growing. You might be interested in high quality food and looking good, so you should definitely check out the student discounts being offered by these clothing brands:

ASOS – 10% with a valid student discount card

Urban Outfitters – 10% with a valid student discount card

Boohoo – 10% with a valid student discount card

Schuh – 10% with a valid student discount card as well as online purchases

Topshop – 10% with a valid student discount card and you can get your discount online if you sign up to their UNiDAYS scheme

Burton – 10% with a valid student discount card

French Connection – 15% with a valid student discount card

What about food?

Once you have yourself well kitted out with some student discounts online, where should you head for some quality food at a price that allows you to push the boat out that little bit more throughout the summer?

food restaurant

Student Discount Restaurants for Summer 2017

McDonald's – We all love a McDonalds, even the more sophisticated out there enjoy a Big Mac especially after a fun night out on the tiles. You can get free burgers and McFlurry’s with your valid student card.

ASK Italian – You can get a massive 40% off Monday and Tuesday daytimes with ASK and 25% off at other times, so fill your boots.

Giraffe - 20% off food all day Monday to Friday and Sundays from 6pm. NUS Extra required.

Yo! Sushi – We all love sushi, especially if we are feeling healthy. These guys offer 25% off if you join their own loyalty club.

The Co-Op Food – Okay, this isn’t a restaurant but why not get your big shop in on the cheap? You can get 10% off a large shop with a valid student discount card.

Dominos – 25% off online purchases over £25 and you will of course receive plenty of literature during term time with all sorts of other tantalising offers.

Gourmet Burger Kitchen – 25% off for students who have downloaded the GBK app.

Krispy Kreme – Again, not a restaurant but if you’re feeling indulgent then you can get 20% off any singles or boxes with your valid student card.

There are also a lot of student discount websites out there, whose staff spend all day every day looking for the hottest deals of high quality merchandise, meals and subscriptions.

Almero Student Mansions’ Favourite Student Discount Websites

My Uni Days

Student Beans

Student Crowd

Save The Student

Finally, make sure your student discount card is accepted. Your college or university may well have their own but many of the larger stores and restaurants will be looking for NUS, NUS Extra or UNiDAYS, so it may be worth checking you have the best card for your area. We hope you find these suggestions useful and have a great time getting your discounts.