Where to go on holiday during Bristol reading week

Whilst everyone is enjoying the beginning of the new academic year Almero Student Mansions has decided to plan ahead a little. As most of us know, November can be a tough old time here in the UK, especially for students who have been studying hard for the last three months of the year. Add to this the fact that this is usually when the weather takes a significant turn for the worse and it is no wonder a lot of students look to get away during reading week.


As Bristol and Nottingham’s premier suppliers of luxury student accommodation, we at Almero Student Mansions have a lot of experience when it comes to reading week and have therefore put together our top picks of best holidays in Bristol reading week. The possibilities are endless really but these are the ones that we think could be perfect for a quick week away with your friends.

The great thing about getting away during the first reading week of the term is that you are not travelling at peak times. This means there are no school holidays to contend with and prices should be student friendly and thrifty.

November is also a guaranteed sunshine period for travelling around the world to destinations like India and the far east, as the infamous monsoon season will have already passed. Yes, the hurricane season across the Atlantic is theoretically still a threat, but September and October are peak times for this so travelling around the globe should be completely stress free.

We are going to presume you are after some sun, having endured 3 months of British weather, when you are on your travels. So why not take a look into these destinations; all firm favourites with the team here at Almero Student Mansions.


This is a fantastic destination for a reading week sojourn due mainly to the short journey and lack of time difference. The Maltese cities of Valetta and Sliema are packed with culture and fine cuisine and at around 24 degrees Celsius at this time of year, one can most definitely get to work on their tan.

Just a two-hour flight from Bristol airport, Malta is one of our top picks when it comes to student holidays.


This Spanish island is many people’s go-to destination when they are looking for a winter holiday in the sun due to the fact that it is hot all year-round. The temperature here is very rarely under 20 degrees and it is another location that isn’t a million miles away. Probably the most favoured of the Canary Island archipelago, Tenerife is largely made up of volcanic rock but there are some fantastic hiking routes available as you make your way into the middle of the island.

There are some fantastic restaurants all over Tenerife and spectacular beaches make it one of the more versatile options when it comes to your reading week student holiday.

Los Angeles

The one and only City of Angels. Many people believe there is nowhere quite like Los Angeles due to its diverse multiculturalism, weather and the fact that you can party 24 hours a day. Another destination where one doesn’t have to worry about the weather, LA could be the perfect choice if you have a bit of extra budget for your reading week holiday.


America’s second biggest city and the home to Santa Monica, The Museum of Contemporary Art and more celebrities than you can ever imagine, Los Angeles has it all really. Imagine being able to come back to University to tell your friends you have been trekking around LA, Arizona and Nevada. This location is a lifetime experience and one we thoroughly recommend here at Almero Student Mansions.


If all of the above sounds just great but you are looking for something completely different from your student holiday and blast of culture, then why not consider North Africa? Marrakesh in Morocco ticks a lot of boxes if that is the kind of trip you and your friends would like to take during reading week.

Located on the edge of the Saharan desert and oozing with African mythology and culture, Marrakesh fuses this with the Islamic way of life and architecture quite superbly. The food in Morocco also has a reputation for being pretty much second to none, making it a great destination for any students looking to embrace culture, art and history.


Dubai, the jewel in the crown of the United Arab Emirates, is a no-brainer if you are looking for some glamour on your reading week holiday and guaranteed sunshine. The region averages around 30 degrees during November and although the flight is 7 hours long, we feel it is well worth it. With the time difference standing at just 3 hours, there is no chance of jetlag though, meaning you can get straight on with having fun as soon as you land.


Dubai has some of the best hotels on the planet with the likes of Burj Al Arab showing off its architectural brilliance and there are beaches galore, such as Jumeirah. Then there is the food, which is exquisite to say the least. It isn’t difficult to see why celebrities spend so much of the British winter and even Christmas in Dubai; not least due to it being one of the best shopping cities you will find.

We have mixed it up a bit for you with our guide on where to go on holiday in Bristol reading week, in the hope that there is something there for every taste so we hope you find the perfect location for a reading week holiday to remember. If you have any queries about our luxury student mansions, you can contact us on 020 3667 8864.