What to do in Exeter to celebrate the end of exams


After an arduous year of lectures, seminars, coursework and revision exam season is finally upon us, and for many students across the UK the finish line is well and truly in sight.

As the regular readers here at Almero Student Mansions will be able to tell you, we have been on hand with all manner of student guides during the academic campaign, from the best takeaways to study guides.

As the exam period starts to draw to a close we know that, once the dust has settled on the current semester, Exeter based students will be looking for the best way to celebrate the end of their exams before the summer. In true Almero style, we have put our heads together and found some exciting things you can get up to aside from your standard Exeter student night.

With the recent heatwave coinciding nicely with the end of the academic year, this is simply perfect for Exeter based students, and a trip to the beach is the ideal way to celebrate the end of exams.

This could be the perfect way to get away from student life and celebrate with your best friends, away from the rigours of study, timetables and all the stress that comes with being a student these days.

Push The Boat Out a Bit

You will have just gone through an intense period of study so you most definitely deserve to be treated and it will be all the more satisfying now that you have all your commitments safely negotiated and can now look forward to a fun filled summer.

With Exeter jam-packed with some of the finest eateries in the south west, why not push the boat out after your exams and go for a pub lunch, or a sophisticated dinner at one of the more glamorous restaurants?

There are places like the Impy Garden of Firehouse which are perfect in the summer months. You can relax outside with a jug of Pimms or some fine wine, or you can head to TripAdvisor to see which are the most highly rated establishments in Exeter. Study life is hard and there is no better way to relax than with great food, drinks and a few friends.

party crowd

One Last Exeter Student Night

If this all sounds great but you just want to finish the year with one last Exeter student night with everyone buoyed by the fact that they won’t have to open another textbook until September, then check out these venues which will undoubtedly have fantastic end of year extravaganzas planned:

  • Arena

  • The Cavern

  • Timepiece

  • Mosaic

  • The Lemmy

The mood and atmosphere will be amazing and the city’s clubs will most likely have some festivities on which will ensure you say goodbye to the current academic year in style.

What’s On In Exeter This Weekend?

Unfortunately, you may not necessarily finish your exams at the exact same time as all of your friends. So you will  have a night out, or an event which coincides with you all ,and it may well be that you don’t find something perfect.

In which case, you can always look online to see what’s on in Exeter this weekend as there is usually something fantastic going on in the city. The Visit Exeter site is always a good shout when looking for events and if you are into your music or comedy, then sites such as Skiddle will have a calendar dedicated to what is going in Exeter this weekend.

Whatever you do, ensure that you celebrate in style and enjoy the end of exam season. If it is the end of your final year then you will want to end your studies in a fitting fashion. If you are back next year then you will need to do all of this again, so celebrate and recharge your batteries this summer before your return!