What to do in Bristol in reading week

There are no two ways about it, Bristol is one of the most historic and fascinating cities in the country. The sixth most populous in England and strategically located in the south west of England, the city has long been a hub of music, culture, creative media and even aerospace; but then you knew all this already or you wouldn’t have chosen it as your place of study.


However, so packed is Bristol with cultural and academic hotspots, it can sometimes be difficult to decide where to go and what to do when you have some spare time away from your studies. This is one of the more popular questions we are asked here at Almero Student Mansions; just what should one do in Bristol during reading week?

This got us thinking that we should put together this handy guide to one of the fastest growing, cosmopolitan places of study in the UK and what you can get up to with your friends and family when your much-anticipated reading week arrives.

Sample Bristol’s Culinary Delights

As Bristol continues to be regenerated and emerge as a hotbed of culture, one area it improved in significantly in recent years is its food. Situated conveniently near the sea for fresh fish and attracting some of the country’s finest chefs, eating out has become somewhat of a treat.

Over the years we have gathered some great knowledge of where Almero residents like to go for food and as sophisticated students, you guys tend to go for quality rather than thriftiness.

We can therefore recommend The Canteen in Stokes Croft which is perfect for the more bohemian diners and Yume Kitchen in Cotham Hill which serves up incredible Japanese cuisine in a beautiful setting.

There are of course all sorts of other fantastic restaurants to enjoy in Bristol during reading week, particularly around the docks where you can find a vibrant atmosphere any time of the week.


If you love playing sport and keeping yourself in shape, then reading week could well be the perfect time for you to catch up on some exercise. Between seminars, lectures and your all-important nights out, you could be forgiven for not putting your fitness regime first since the start of term but Bristol has some unrivalled facilities which are simply perfect for upping your game during reading week.

What’s more, because you are a student you will not need to pay for a full membership and will most likely be able to pay for your gym or leisure club membership on a rolling monthly basis. So, if you end up having a hugely productive reading week in the gym and fall back into your old ways when university starts again, you can do so guilt free.

They say that maintaining a healthy body helps to keep a healthy mind, so if you are scratching your head for things to do in Bristol during reading week then you could do a lot worse than a good old detox and week on the treadmill.

Bristol University’s Student Gym and Fitness4Less near Cabot Circus are both ideally situated between the city’s two universities but with the wide range of facilities available across the city, you will never be far from somewhere you can work out.

Shop Til You Drop

Call us predictable, but when searching for things do in Bristol during reading week we just kept coming back to shopping. We scoured the city and whilst there were several other activities we were on the verge of recommending, we unanimously agreed that leaving out Bristol’s rich and versatile range of shops and markets would simply not do.

You can spend the day at the numerous outlets or head to the city’s infamous Park Street which is not only home to some of the biggest fashion brands but is also nicely nestled next to some of the best nightlife in Bristol.


If you wish to simply shop, shop, shop; then we highly recommend Cabot Circus as this is a state of the art shopping arcade which contains over a hundred stores. You can also take it up a notch and head to Clifton Village near Bristol’s iconic Clifton Suspension Bridge, this shopping centre has a picturesque recreational area and is perfect for the more sophisticated and cultured shopper.

If you decide to go shopping with your friends during reading week, then you can always head to Cribbs Causeway where you can combine your retail therapy with some ten-pin bowling or even a movie.

Enjoy Reading Week In Bristol

After an arduous first term at university, we hope our guide to reading week in Bristol provides you with all the inspiration you need to have a fantastic week off. A mix of eating fine food, fitness, shopping and having fun with your friends should refresh you suitably and leave you ready and raring to go for another term at either of Bristol’s fine universities.

If you are studying in Bristol and are on the lookout for some of the finest accommodation the city has to offer, then be sure to have a good look through the Almero Student Mansions portfolio. You can peruse our selection right here at the site and do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions whatsoever.

You can also learn more about the activities available in the city any time of the year, by reading our recent guide to Places to Visit Around Bristol.