What is an NUS Extra card?

With exam season now over and done with for the vast majority of students in the UK, the time has come to kick back and enjoy the Great British Summertime. In today’s article, we take a look at the Swiss Army Knife of the student wallet, the NUS Extra Card. You will hear us mention this handy bit of kit a lot here at Almero Student Mansions as more and more establishments start to accept this premium student discount card. So, if you are pondering whether or not to invest in this card, this article should help you to make an informed decision.

NUS extra Card

So, what is an NUS Extra card?

The NUS Extra card is essentially a student discount card. Although you do have to pay a small fee in order to get it, there are many additional benefits when compared to the standard NUS card, or perhaps your university's official student card. There are discounts available from hundreds of retailers, but you should take a look at which shops take part in order to determine whether or not this is the right decision for you. The feedback we have had from Almero residents is that the card is well worth the fee, provided you shop at these retailers on a regular basis.

What are the main NUS Extra discounts?

As mentioned, there are hundreds of NUS Extra Card discounts and to list them all in this article would be somewhat impractical. However, some of the highlights can be found below.

High Street NUS Extra discounts

10% off at the Co-op

10% off ASOS

Up to 40% off at Pizza Express

25% off Odeon student priced tickets

NUS Extra Student Discounts On Travel

30% off Lonely Planet

20% off Eurolines

5% off Homestay!

This is all via ISIC membership, which you can find out more about just below.

Flight boarding screen

What Other Student Discounts Do You Get from NUS Extra?

In addition to the vast array of discounts you can get from the high street retailers and websites above, you also get at least one year’s subscription to the much coveted, ISIC card. We think this puts the NUS Extra card head and shoulders above the rest as this can unlock a quite staggering 42,000 plus discounts around the globe. The ISIC Card is particularly useful if you are an international student or if you tend to do a lot of globetrotting, and for those doing a year abroad as part of their degree course.

Tell me more about ISIC

Endorsed by international organisations such as UNESCO and the European Council

Discounted rates at hotels & hostels worldwide

Your ISIC card is accepted in over 130 countries, as well as at your favourite UK high street retailers, restaurants, attractions, and more

Exclusive discounts on worldwide flights, including STA Travel

Recognised by universities, academic institutions, student organisations & national governments worldwide

How much does NUS Extra cost?

Given the many benefits described, the NUS Extra Card isn’t actually that expensive. It is provided by the National Union of Students, so the card isn’t designed to make extortionate amounts of money out of you, and has a range of different options.

1 Year: £12

2 Year: £22

3 Year: £32

Obviously, if you have the funds available then the 3-year option is the most prudent as it saves you a few quid, but this may not be suitable if you are already half way through your course or aren’t sure what lies ahead. Add to this the fact that you get the aforementioned ISIC membership, and it isn’t too hard to see why many believe the NUS Extra Card to be a no-brainer.

As a final note, the NUS Extra card allows you to login online to find out all the latest places you can get your discounts. You can download their app right here to start discovering more right away.

So, when you are sunning yourself on the beach or even just relaxing with your friends and family this summer, be sure to check out all this great student card has to offer as it could well save you a fortune this coming academic campaign.