What can you do with your NUS card?

When embarking on your first year at university, there are many decisions you have to make, many of which you won’t have ever had to make before. From choosing your first home away from your family, to course selections the number of choices in front of you can be very daunting indeed.

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One decision that can have a very positive impact on your time at university is which student card, or indeed cards, you choose to make the most out of your new home, and what should be the one of best three or four years of your life.

One of the most common student cards is an NUS Card. This is not surprising given the fact that it is issued by one of the most reputable student bodies in the UK. Despite this, a remarkable number of students don’t actually know what all of the NUS card discounts are, and just why they should consider it as their card of choice.

As any regular readers, here at Almero Student Mansions will already know, we are committed to listening to our residents and bringing you all the student guides and advice pieces you need to make the most out of your studies.

So, without further ado, read on to discover just what an NUS card is and the benefits it could bring you during the forthcoming academic year.

What Is An NUS Card?

Okay, so we will start with the obvious bit first. An NUS card is (unsurprisingly from its name), a student card which can gain you a whole host of discounts and benefits from participating high street retailers and many more organisations.

The NUS card discounts range across many different areas one, from travel, food and movies to entertainment. The card, named the NUS Extra card, involves a small subscription. Like most things these days, perhaps the best way to find out about just NUS student discount is to head to their site where the very latest offers and deals will be detailed.

What Are The NUS Card Benefits?

Well, given the fact that the aforementioned subscription is pretty nominal, the NUS card discounts and benefits really speak for themselves. This of course depends on just how much you use it and take advantage of the savings, but it’s worth bearing in mind that the NUS is an organisation that has the best interests of students at heart; so the card has not been invented to make them a quick buck.

How Much Is The NUS Card?

With all this in mind, the burning question is how much the NUS extra card costs. There are a few options available to you and which one you take advantage of really depends on how long your studies are likely to last for from the point of application.

1 Year £12
2 Years £22
3 Years £32

As you can see, the best option is to purchase a three-year card, and it won’t take you long to make your money back. Just a few purchases at stores such as the Co-Op, ASOS, Odeon and PizzaExpress and your NUS Extra Card will be well and truly paid for, leaving you to make loads more savings throughout your tenure at uni.

International Benefits

The NUS card also allows you to make savings all around the world. The subscription comes with one year’s ISIC access, which is the only internationally recognised form of student ID in the world.

So, as well as unlocking well over 200 great discounts here in the UK, you can continue to save money when you are on holiday, visiting family abroad, studying in another country or if you are on a well-deserved holiday. In fact, the ISIC discounts give you over 42,000 opportunities to save money all across the globe.

Huge retailers such as Eurolines, and Lonely Planet all accept the NUS card due to their partnership with ISIC making the nominal fee above an absolute no brainer if you are likely to use any of these brands over the next few years. You can find more details about all the places you can use your NUS extra card around the world by clicking here.


A Versatile Student ID

As you can see, there is a myriad of great uses for your NUS card should you decide to invest in one this coming academic campaign.

So, it won’t take you long to make your subscription back. The NUS card is definitely one of the best student cards out there for you to use.