Places to visit on the weekend: Brighton


When it comes to bohemian retreats away from the city, they don’t come much more quintessential than Brighton. The city has long been a favourite holiday destination for Londoners and other southern city dwellers, but you may be surprised at how easily you can get to the south coast from a range of destinations these days.

As you will already know if you are a regular reader here at our blog or live in one of our luxury student properties, we have a particular interest in cities such as Bristol and Nottingham, where many of you live and study. As such, we have decided to profile this great location for a weekend away from the rigours of student life and also the best way to travel to and from this coastal haven. Faster trains, young person’s railcards and better city links have meant that student travel has become significantly easier over the years. This means that no matter where you are studying your course, you are likely to be closer than one would think to a fantastic weekend away. Locations such as Brighton are absolutely ideal for sophisticated students, looking for that extra bit of quality from their trip.

Travelling from Bristol to Brighton

When getting the train from Bristol to Brighton for a weekend away, you can get train tickets for as little as £31.50 for two singles at specific times, or a more convenient open return for £62.40. So, depending on whether you want mooch around the Lanes at your leisure or save some extra beer money by picking your departure or arrival times, you have several options available to you. Either option allows you to spend a few days in Brighton, sampling the vast array of cuisine available and also one of the many bars and clubs in the city. The area of Brighton and neighbouring Hove is famous for its innovative and pioneering music scene, with a conveyor belt of bands and DJs continuing to emanate from the city over the last twenty years. The likes of Fatboy Slim, The Kooks and a range of other indie bands all hail from the area and music festivals such as the Great Escape showcase the undeniable talent that Brighton has the uncanny knack of producing.

train platform

Travelling from Nottingham to Brighton

A train journey from Nottingham to Brighton is inevitably more expensive than the journey from the south west of England but can still be done in around three hours, making it more than manageable when looking to get away for the weekend.The train ride from the heart of the country can cost as little as £82 when purchasing two singles although an open return would set you back in excess of £200. However, even at this price, the affluent and sophisticated out there will know that this is still well worth it for an unforgettable weekend on the south coast. Indeed, Brighton oozes the class that some of the more stereotypical seaside resorts in the UK lack due to its high-class eateries and elegant restaurants and bars. Add to this the combination of one of the most beautiful seafronts in the country and the vibrant nightlife and it isn’t difficult to see why Brighton has developed its reputation as one of the classier locations one can find. It is this combination that makes Brighton simply perfect for students looking to get away from campus and unwind in sophisticated surroundings. The aforementioned attractions all make for a lively night out but there is so much to do during the day, whatever the weather.

brighton pier

Daytime attractions in Brighton

The Brighton Dome is the epicentre of the city centre and is surrounded by historic gardens, food markets and old English pubs that have been virtually unchanged over the years. The dome hosts all manner of theatrical and musical events, meaning one can return from a weekend in Brighton feeling like they have soaked in some real British culture as well as a typically bohemian night out. It really is a city that has it all for those who enjoy a mix of the finer things in life and letting their hair down. The abundance of bars, clubs and venues also mean that you do not need to worry about the typical British weather scuppering your weekend away. Train ticket prices to Brighton can be purchased with great ease and the savings you can make when using your ever-valuable 16-25 railcard make a sojourn to the pride of Sussex an absolute no brainer. Why not book your tickets today and lock down some great prices to give you something to look forward to this winter?

So there you have it. A few places to visit if you wish to take a trip down to Brighton and enjoy a relaxing or even action-packed weekend.