Places to visit on the weekend: Bath

In our latest article, we look at one of the country’s favourite student locations and a cultural hotspot; Bath. As well as outlining the areas of the city you simply have to visit, we examine the price of train ticket prices to Bath from our two favourite student locations of Nottingham and Bristol and the logistics behind spending a day exploring the sights.

The Roman Baths

Roman Baths

As the name suggests, Bath is best known for its roman built baths which attract thousands of visitors every single year. Still in fantastic repair given the fact that they were built several millennia ago, these are a fascinating and beautiful insight into how the Romans lived when they occupied the west country and indeed, the majority of England.
Bath possesses the country’s only naturally warmed spring, much like those you find in Scandinavia and these make the roman baths quite unique. The remains you will find here are still in superb condition meaning that when you visit the magnificent temple and baths at Aquae Sulis, you really do feel that historic and cultural atmosphere.

There are four main features of the baths which are actually below the modern street level:

The Sacred Spring
The Roman Temple
The Roman Bath House
The Roman Baths Museum

When visiting these fascinating attractions, children even get their own guide who will explain all the features and details so that all the family can understand just how phenomenal the baths are. This is all topped off beautifully by a Georgian Pump Room Restaurant which looks out onto the baths and making a trip to the roman baths an unforgettable experience for all involved.

Roman Bath Opening Hours

January to February, November to December
9:30am - 4:30pm (last admission), 5:30pm (exit)

March to June, September to October
9:00am - 5:00pm (last admission), 6:00pm (exit)

July to August
9:00am - 9:00pm (last admission), 10:00pm (exit)

Other Attractions in Bath

Bath christmas market

Although the baths really encapsulate all that the city really stands for and why it has been so popular over the centuries, there are all sorts of other things to get up to during your visit. It would be silly not to mention the Christmas markets, which are one of the best you will find in the region and the cocktail bars in Bath make it a resounding choice for the upper echelons of society when looking for a sophisticated night out in the west country.

You may also want to check out activities such as:

New Year's Eve Festivities
Spa Days
The Designer Village
Torchlit Terraces
The Jane Austen Centre

Transport Links to Bath from Bristol

What makes a day in Bath so fantastic for students currently in Bristol, is just how close it is from pretty much every public transport link in the area. A train from Bristol Temple Meads takes just twelve minutes and costs as little as £7.50 for a single or £16 for an open return should you decide to extend your trip and stay in one of Bath’s many regal and elegant hotels. This really makes a day or even a long weekend in Bath somewhat of a no-brainer given the ease of getting there and back which means you can mooch around the various museums, sights, restaurants and shops safe in the knowledge you are just a stone’s throw away from home.

Transport Links to Bath from Nottingham

The Nottingham to bath train is less straight forward but is still not the most arduous journey one will ever take. At around three hours, you can still enjoy a full day in the city of Bath with friends and make your way home at a decent time having experienced all this historic heritage site has to offer. A return journey can also cost as little as £48 when buying two singles as well as being able to book through a number of websites such as TrainLine and NationalRailEnquiries.

Whether you are planning a trip to Bath from Bristol or Nottingham over the festive period or during term time, we really cannot recommend this city enough. Jam packed with incredible eateries, great student travel links and all of the views you would expect from a dwelling nestled into the south west of England, it really does tick all the boxes.