Top apps for students to make uni life easier

If you are yet to embrace the world of smartphone apps, then you are most definitely in the minority and could well be missing out on some functionality that could be enhancing your studies and your lifestyle substantially.

Whether or not you are a fan of technology or perhaps you are opposed to the digital revolution altogether, it cannot be denied that these applications have made life easier and more efficient and your studies are certainly no different.

However, as is the case with many products you are faced with as a student, the choice of apps is huge these days as AppStore and GooglePlay become more and more saturated with all manner of platform; from the poor and mediocre all the way up to the fantastic.

Due to the fact that we know just how manic the student lifestyle is these days, we have profiled some of the best apps for students so you can be sure you only have platforms on your device that are actually going to enhance your everyday activities.

What is the Ultimate Student App?

When looking for the very best student app, we looked at those that can improve your lifestyle and of course, the apps that we think you could use in order study better and smarter. So with no further ado, read on to find out the apps that you should be installing sooner rather than later.


As recently as a few years ago, attending lectures would have meant frantically scribbling down notes as your lecturer presented your seminars, unless you were fortunate to have a Dictaphone or voice recorder on you. These days, the advent of the smartphone has meant that nearly every student has this technology readily at their disposal.

SoundNote works best on an iPad but can also be used in an iPhone and is great at recording your lectures in excellent quality. It also allows you to store the session in either visual or audio format making it extremely versatile. We would still recommend taking notes manually as this helps you to store information but as time saving student apps go this should probably be your first port of call.

iStudiez Pro

If you have troubles with staying organised at university, then having this app on your phone could really transform your fortunes. It helps to organise not only your lectures and seminars but also your calendars and any essays or assignments you may have due too.

As is a must with any modern app, iStudiez Pro is slick and beautifully designed making it a joy to use with your iPhone or Mac and integrates with many of your existing apps such as your calendars, contacts and notes into one lovely interface.

There is a small charge of between $2.99 and $9.99 for this one, but if your grades are dwindling due to your lack of organisation it could just be the best bit of money you spend this academic year.


There’s no doubt about it, writing great bibliographies is some of the most painstaking time you will spend during your time at university. Even the most pragmatic students in the land will hate this task as getting the formatting wrong can put a dent in an essay that is otherwise stellar.

Put an end to this with EasyBib, which creates all your academic references for you simply by scanning in the book in question’s barcode. It will gather all the required data from the web and format in the referencing style your university prefers whether this be APA, MLA or Chicago.

This app will quite literally save you hours and means you can spend more time on the actual quality of your essay or dissertation.


Finally and from a more social perspective, a great app for anyone looking to drink more responsibly is WiseDrinking. We all know the reputation students can gain for drinking and although we think everyone should be able to have a good time especially when they are young, this app helps you keep tabs on things and crucially, stay safe.

By using this app, you can monitor your units, set an alert for the best time to call your taxi home and even find public transport links. Although it doesn’t calculate it scientifically, it also has a great algorithm for working out your BAC, which can be a great indicator of whether or not it’s time to have a strong coffee or even call it a night.

With the pitfalls of being drunk as a young person becoming more and more relevant these days, why not install this app which could help you to stay aware of the dangers and drink smart?

These are the apps that the team here at Almero Student Mansions believe to be the top picks for 2018 but there are obviously thousands on the market that could assist you as a student.

Why not look through your respective market and take a good look through the legitimate reviews, these are often the best indicator of quality.