Top 5 Weekend Breaks For Students In The UK

The rigours of student life are well documented, especially these days with finances and the importance of a good degree qualification more important than ever. As such, it has become more and more crucial for students to ensure they take a well-deserved break when the time is right.

A weekend away doesn’t have to break the bank and can be the perfect way to clear the cobwebs and re-energise before a crucial period of study.

Almero’s Top Five Weekend Breaks

With this in mind, the Almero Student Mansions team has duly put together the following guide to the top five weekend breaks for students in the UK looking for some respite from lectures and seminars.


Edinburgh has long been one of the best city breaks in the UK due to its unrivaled combination of culture and nightlife. It is particularly great as a student getaway due to the city’s awesome academic heritage, bursting at the seams with art exhibitions and museums – and these guys also like to throw a party too.

You could check out Edinburgh Art Festival every July, Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art or Ingleby Gallery which showcases some of the finest art from across the globe. Perfect for a weekend break away from university and with all this region has to offer of an evening, we think it’s probably the best student friendly city break you will find in the UK.


Manchester’s reputation has always preceded it when it comes to the music scene, but recent regeneration has seen the more cosmopolitan side of the city gain a sterling reputation. With the Museum of Science and Industry, National Football Museum one of the best Pride festivals in the UK, Manchester is well worth a visit for students looking for a weekend that is not only academically satisfying, but also provides all you need in terms of the latest bands and DJs.

Head to the city’s Northern Quarter in the evening to sample a night out that is vibrant and bohemian in equal measure.


If you’re not studying in the capital, London is simply awesome for city break. Although those who live there may take it for granted somewhat, it is arguably the most vibrant and energetic city on the planet and could be perfect if you want a weekend away from your studies with a bit of an edge.

We obviously can’t list all the superb London attractions in this article, but as city breaks jam packed with culture and history go, there isn’t one quite like this city. You could sail down the Thames, visit the Houses of Parliament or take a walk through one of the many parks in the city, all of which have kept much of their legacy and charm. If you are looking for a UK city break to chill and unwind, then this one may not be for you but if not, the capital is always a good place to start.


If on the other hand you are after a weekend break in the UK, steeped in charm and beauty then Chester could be perfect. Easily accessible from many towns and cities do to its location in the heart of the north west and right on the Welsh border, this city was actually the capital of the country under Roman rule. The result of this is a breathtakingly stunning walled city with famous rows of shops and virtually unscathed public houses.

You can take a look at the amphitheatre, go on a Roman tour, take a pedalo down the River Dee and then unwind in one of Chester’s quintessentially beautiful tea rooms or cocktail bars. Chester is a short distance from other great city break locations such as Liverpool or Manchester, but if you really want to chill out and take in some typically British scenery then we recommend this gorgeous little destination.


Finally, and staying with the historic theme, York could well be the perfect student weekend getaway. Particularly convenient for any of our readers currently studying in Leeds as it’s a 45-minute drive or a 20-minute train away, York is quite similar to Chester in terms of its architecture but there are some subtle differences.

Both of these cities are steeped in heritage having been strongholds of the Romans, but York also have a strong Viking influence having been named Yorvik back when our Scandinavian friends invaded. There are museums and exhibitions galore showcasing this history as well as some of the finest buildings you will find anywhere in the UK. York is simply perfect for any student looking to get away and mix some culture with a good night out too, as York has wide array of clubs and pubs many of which are award winning.