Top 10 Brain Food For Memory

If you have been a keen reader of our articles and student guides here at the Almero Student Mansions blog over the years, then you will have no doubt come across quite few lifestyle pieces in which we have extolled the virtues of healthy eating.

Although this is something that is of paramount importance throughout your life, there are benefits that are particularly conducive to your time at university. From looking the part and feeling great, to ensuring you are at your absolute best when exam time arrives, eating well and exercising are ever so important during intense periods of study.

Because we like to be nice, we have compiled ten of the very best foods that have been proven to keep your cognitive function at its peak and help your memory to recall that important information at the right time during your degree. Combine this with plenty of exercise and we think these foods could well hold the key to your academic success.

Fatty Fish

Perhaps the most obvious, but this is for a reason. Fatty fish such as mackerel is jam packed with Omega 3 fatty acids and these have been clinically proven to be excellent brain foods. Salmon, trout and sardines are also brilliant as they contain high levels of these fatty acids too which make them the perfect food for memory optimisation.


A long-established super food, blueberries are perfect if you are looking for brain food snacks that also taste amazing. Sweet but also very healthy, blueberries are almost too good to be true and can be enjoyed on their own, in some pancakes or even added to a morning smoothie.


All vegetables are good for you, but broccoli is undoubtedly one of the best due to its high volume of antioxidants. These free your brain up to deal with whatever you throw at it at university and one serving also gives you 100% of your recommended daily allowance of the all-important Vitamin K.


Turmeric has emerged as one of the latest foods for memory and brain power, having always been respected for its anti-inflammatory properties. Due to the fact this can be found in a wide range of Asian cuisine and available at pretty much every supermarket or store, turmeric is also very easy to obtain and therefore introduce to your diet.

Pumpkin Seeds

Next time you hollow out your pumpkin at Halloween, don’t be so quick to bin the seeds. These little babies are full to the brim with zinc, magnesium and copper – all of which protect the brain from free radicals. This stops any potential damage and keeps your brain performing as it should, think of this like good housekeeping for your grey matter. You can get these at health stores and supermarkets, making them perfect brain food snacks.


Eggs are fairly thrifty, making them the ideal foodstuff for students when things get a little tough. Thankfully, they’re really good for you too; what a winner. In particular, eggs contain choline, vitamin and B6 and vitamin B12. The former being the most important as it promotes mood and memory, perfect for a busy scholar who needs to bring their A game every single day.


Okay, coffee isn’t a food but there’s always coffee cake if you’re knit picking. Regardless, in moderation coffee and even green tea can do wonders for your brain especially when the exams and coursework are piling up.

Caffeine can be addictive and does have its cons as well as its pros but the odd mug will certainly do no harm, counteracted also by the antioxidants you will gain. Your concentration and alertness will reap the benefits if you drink these beverages sensibly.

Dark Chocolate

You won’t find many health guides telling you to eat chocolate, but the benefits of the dark stuff simply cannot be argued with.  Flavonoids, caffeine and antioxidants are all present in cocoa and this combination works a treat when it comes to learning and memory. Age related mental decline could also be slowed down by this trio of compounds, so don’t be scared to reach for the choc, just make sure it dark or your waistline could suffer.


Nuts really are, well, the nuts. They mainly benefit the heart but scientists say that there is a strong link between a healthy heart and a healthy brain. Your memory could well benefit from having a liberal portion of nuts every day, which could stand you in great stead when your end of year exams come along.


You don’t need us to tell you how good vitamin C is for you. It isn’t just the immune system that gets the benefit though as the antioxidants also help to slow down mental decline and keep you sharp as a tack just when you need to be.

You can get your vitamin C fix by eating just one decent sized orange a day, so this could be the perfect way for the modern student to stay on top of things with ease.

These are the best examples of food for your memory, we hope you enjoy working them into your diet. Try reaching for these brain food snacks instead of your usual crisps or sweets and with think you will see the difference with your grades in no time; just remember to combine this with the odd run or trip to the gym.

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