Tips on developing a great social life at university

Building a rapport with your new peers at university is a fundamental part of the further education experience and one that students enjoy with varying degrees of success. Developing this social life will come very naturally to extrovert, outgoing people but those who are perhaps a bit more insular, sometimes find this difficult as it could well be the first time they have found themselves in such a situation.

In the latest feature from the Almero Student Mansions, we look to give you some valuable tips on developing a great social life at university, which could well set you on your way to building a great network of peers, colleagues and friends in the place you will be calling home for the next few years.


University Societies

It goes without saying that the university societies available at your place of study are the perfect place to start when looking to grow your network, particularly in your first year. These have been created for this very reason and depending on your university, there will be a vast array to choose from.

As regular readers here at Almero will know very well, we specialise in the cities of Bristol, Exeter and Nottingham due to our unrivalled luxury student properties in each of these regions. As such, we have done some digging and found the best university societies in these areas for you to take a look at and decide if these are the best option as you look to make yourself at home and make friends.

What Are The Best Bristol University Societies?

Bristol is a university that has a rich heritage and therefore an incredible reputation in terms of sports and activities. It isn’t surprising then to discover that Bristol SU has all manner of student society for you to get involved with, covering everything from academia, sports and drama to music, politics and medicine.

Not only will joining one of these societies, which will allow you to get out and about and meet new people on a weekly basis, but this can also have a profoundly positive impact on your CV.

Depending on the route you wish to take with your career after your studies have finished, having these societies and activities on your CV can really separate you from the pack

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What Are The Best Exeter University Societies?

Heading further south to Exeter, you can again find a fantastic selection of societies albeit slightly different to that of Bristol. Being situated deep in the heart of west country, the university predictably has a proud sporting history and the local residents are passionate about sports such as rugby and cricket; great for anyone looking for a society who already has an interest or skill.

For individuals who aren’t quite sure and are using university as the platform they need to get involved in a new hobby or pastime, then Exeter University is a great place to start.

Here, you can get join one of the 180 guild affiliated societies and learn skiing, Jazz music, street dance, Bee welfare and even hip hop. A ll activities that you may well have not have had the opportunity to get involved with until now. You will be able to meet people with the same interests and who have also never enjoyed these activities before which can be the ideal basis to form new friendships.


What Are The Best Nottingham University Societies? 

Nottingham University has over 200 clubs and societies for you to choose from and their website has a great search facility for you to use to discover more about all of these. You can select your club and find a plethora of information about each one such as the social platforms, websites and just how you can join anything from the student magazine to the Christian Union.

The Nottingham SU sister site also contains loads of advice on these activities and societies and you can hear feedback from current students who have been enjoying all that the clubs have to offer. Nottingham is a city that is famous for its welcoming locals, sporting legacy and the River Trent allows you to enjoy all sorts of water sports and join some student societies which allow you really to absorb yourself into on the UK’s most famous academic regions.

We urge you to take advantage of our tips on developing a great social life at university as this will ensure that you make friends and ultimately make the most out of your time studying for your degree. These clubs allow you to explore everything these great cities have to offer and you could well end up making friends you could keep for the rest of your life.

So, don’t spend every bit of your spare time buried in textbooks or on Netflix, grab everything your university has to offer and really embrace your time there.

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