Tips For Living With Roommates In University

Heading off the university for the first time is one of the biggest challenges one will face in life and almost certainly the most significant you will have had to negotiate in your career so far. From the intensity of study and volume of reading to making new friends and living in student accommodation, there are so many things that will just feel alien to you if you are used to home comforts.

It is the latter point we are concerned with at the Almero blog today, as we take a look at living with your room mates at university. Whether you have been bundled with some fellow students you have never met before or been lucky enough to get together with some of your classmates or perhaps peers from halls of residence, there will be some challenges along the way. Hopefully this guide will help you to make the most out of this aspect of student life and enjoy your time living with roommates whilst away at university.

Communication Is Key

The key thing to get right when living with classmates for the first time, is communication. The majority of issues will stem from letting little issues fester and before you know it, they have been blown out of all proportion and become more damaging. Create an ethos whereby any concerns are spoken about right away and the chances are that you will get on with your new roommates beautifully and any potential issues are nipped in the bud.

Set The Ground Rules Early

This one really stems from good communication but setting the ground rules for your new home early is extremely prudent. As mentioned, most of the issues you will have to contend with will be related to individuals taking certain liberties. It’s nice to be nice at university and sharing is of course caring but be sure to establish what is acceptable and what is not, and everyone should follow the rules.

For example, pinching a bit of toothpaste if you have run out until you can dash to the shop may well be acceptable but taking the last of someone’s food when you have come back from a night at the pub, most probably isn’t. What is deemed as fair play and what isn’t will quickly become apparent, but there is no harm in discussing these as a team so there is no room for misinterpretation.

Keep Things Clean & Tidy

 Perhaps the biggest reason for unrest in a student house or apartment is centred around cleanliness. Although the above issues are likely to cause a few arguments, the trick to maintaining harmony is ensuring that everyone is pulling their weight and not allowing others to do the majority of the cleaning in communal areas.

Students have a bit of a bad reputation for being messy and it may well be the first time many of you have had to clean up after yourselves, but it doesn’t have to be this way. By simply creating a rota for household tasks, shared evenly between all roommates, you can avoid any tension and what initially seems like a bit of a pain, becomes very manageable and results in your student house looking squeaky clean.

 Give Each Other Some Space

Something that many students forget from time to time, is that you don’t have to hang out with your housemates all the time. Although the likelihood is that you will become very chummy and may well stay friends for life, there will be times that you need your own space.

You do need to find a balance here, as if you notice your housemate is looking a bit glum, they may need some support, but space is also important. The stress of university, homesickness or maybe even relationship problems can all take their strain, but everyone is different. Once you get to know your housemates well, be sure to offer friendship when appropriate but also respect their privacy when the time is right.

Plan Your Parties

Finally, plan your parties well and be respectful. House parties are a staple of student life and inevitable, unless you have made a firm rule between you all that these won’t be happening. However, if you decide that your student house is going to be the place to be from time to time, ensure that all of you are on the same page as this can cause rifts.

Your fellow roommates may well be about to embark on some coursework, reading or revision and the last thing they will need is a room full of random people playing music and shouting just outside their room. The chances are that your housemates will be up for a gathering every now and again but just be courteous and make sure you drop them a text with good notice, a bit of respect can go a long way.

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We hope these tips help you to ensure your time at university is as harmonious as possible. If you are on your way to university and looking for some luxurious student accommodation, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team.

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