The different career paths you can follow after university

This week marks the start of university for thousands of students across the UK and what are likely to be the best three or four years of their life. Whether you are celebrating fresher’s week or settling down to your studies it is a truly exciting time and one that should be embraced. However, those who will be entering their final year at university may well be a little apprehensive about what comes next.

Although we are just at the start of the academic year today’s addition to the Almero Student Mansions blog will focus on available graduate career paths.

The next 9 months are sure to whizz by so we don’t think you can be too prepared and thankfully we have done all the research for you, so you can concentrate on the more important things in life.


Career Options After Graduation

Similar to many of the other topics we cover here at Almero, especially from a career guidance perspective, your options after graduation really depend on the sector you are looking to break into.

Some sectors may somewhat be more relaxed than others allowing you to take some time out and experience more of the world. Whilst with others experience is valued above all, the more you have the better your competitive advantage over others looking to get that same job.


Whilst we have already done some research for you, our best advice is to conduct some thorough research of your own for each field or potential job you're interested in to ensure you make an informed right decision.

If your industry allows you to take the aforementioned time off, then we recommend you do so - as this can be a gilt-edged opportunity for you to assess your options and plan your route into your dream job. You need not stress about looking for jobs as travelling is itself very valuable and brings about rewarding experience. But if you are worried about money or experience and are unsure about what next don't rush, you can always work part time in the countries you travel to!


Career Guidance After Graduation 

So, which industries offer the best career opportunities after graduation? Again, this will depend largely on the degree you achieve and your drive and determination to succeed. But there are three main sectors which are versatile and can be accessed through a wide range of degree qualifications.


These areas are:



Management is a great career path for a number of graduates’ due to the large number of disciplines it accommodates. There are many available work experience and graduate schemes in the public sector. Many of which are in health and even government.

If you are organised and already have your sights set on a graduate management job it is advisable to keep looking around and apply early at the start of the academic year. Experience opportunities and open days are great to get your foot through the door and show you have a keen interest in the field or firm.


Information Technology (I.T.)

Like management opportunities, IT is so broad that it can offer a number of different career paths after university. Many make the mistake of thinking that you need to be a coder or developer to work in IT. But there are so many more routes into the industry. One such route is through consulting or even commercial opportunities.

It would obviously help if you have a relevant degree. However, the stats show that there are a lot of people working in this sector with a fairly generic degree qualification.


Finance and Professional Services

There isn't really a specific degree requirement for both of these. But you may need a B or above in GCSE maths or an equivalent qualification. You may like to work with numbers numbers and are able to think on your feet. There are also several routes into the industry.

Many large firms in this area of work offer their own graduate schemes as well, meaning you can refine your skills whilst earning money and will most probably be working in one of the UK’s bigger cities or towns.

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Use Your Specific Degree Qualification

Of course, all of this guidance has been aimed at students who may not know which career path they would like to take after university. If you are lucky enough to be studying a course you know you love and already have a good idea of where you want to be, then you won’t have much use for this article. But you are definitely one of the lucky ones!

Hopefully you can see that just gaining a good degree at 2:1 or above and showing tenacity and determination after you finish, is likely to see you on a great graduate scheme or in a junior position at an excellent company in no time at all. Even if you don't get a 2:1 many government schemes only require a 2:2. What counts is good interview skills and regular psychometric test practice.

The important thing to remember is to enjoy your last year at university and concentrate on getting the very best grades you can. Your career path afterwards is likely to be organic and as long as you do yourself justice over the coming months, you will achieve everything you set out