The best bars in Bristol

If you are a regular reader here at the Almero Student Mansions blog, you will know that Bristol is one of our favourite student locations.

Aside from the fact that we have some of our finest student accommodation in the city, it is simply a perfect place for students to enjoy their studies. From a cosmopolitan lifestyle, to local attractions and of course the quality of the universities and colleges, there are few places in the UK that offers such a wide range of benefit to the modern student.

With this in mind, we have seen fit to put together this guide to the best bars in Bristol. Crucial to any student’s day to day lifestyle, know where you can find the best bars in Bristol, from pubs to wine bars and cocktail joint, this guide should help you to discover just where you should be drinking in the city when you head to the area for your studies.

Best Bars in Bristol

When you’re looking for Bristol’s best bars, it’s important to bear in mind that everyone has their own vibe. Some of us love settling down in a cosy pub whereas others will be looking to paint the town red and party in one of the many cocktail bars Bristol has to offer. Add to this wine bars, trendy venues specialising in gin and even quirky rooftop bars and you will quickly see that there are perfect bars for everyone.

Read on to find which we recommend, hopefully there is something below for everyone!

Bristol Pubs

It makes sense to start with Bristol’s pubs, nestled in the heart of the west country there are few places in the UK with more quintessentially British public houses. To list every single one on here would take years but we have got together and listed some of best we could think of, all of which come recommend by CAMRA so you know you will be getting a pint you can trust!

  • Bag of Nails

  • Bank Tavern

  • Barley Mow

  • Beer Emporium

  • Bridge Inn

  • Canteen

  • Christmas Steps

  • Commercial Rooms

  • Cornubia

Cocktail Bars Bristol

If the pub vibe just isn’t for you and you wish to wind down from your studies with a good old Margarita or Old Fashioned, then one of the city’s cocktail bars is probably a good shout. These are spread out over the city centre, west end and Clifton and again, we have listed some of the best cocktail bars in Bristol, all of which welcome students.

  • Hausbar

  • Hyde & Co

  • The Rummer

  • Harvey Nichols

  • Red Light

  • Goldbrick House

  • The Milk Thistle

  • Amoeba

  • The Old Bookshop

  • The Doghouse

Pubs in Clifton, Bristol

Bristol is a city that has steadily grown over the years and as such, it can be hard to familiarise yourself with all the districts at first. One that has proven to be very popular with students in recent times, is Clifton. Home of the suspension bridge and other Bristol attractions, it is also where you will find some of the best boozers and cocktail bars in the region. And yep you guessed it, we have listed the best of the best below.

It is also important to note that some of the above cocktail bars and pubs are in Clifton, so we have left them out of this list to avoid repetition.

  • The Quadrant

  • The Woods

  • The Somerset House

  • Her Majesty’s Secret Service

  • Alterego

  • Manos Liquor Bar

Gin Bars In Bristol

There is no avoiding it, gin is back in fashion and in some style. Although it never disappeared from our shelves or indeed pubs, it is without doubt a fashionable spirit once more. The tipple of many a hipster and intellectual, you can find all manner of gins popping up these days and with them, gin bars in which to enjoy them. Bristol has several excellent gin bars and we strongly recommend you check out the following:

  • Pump House

  • Psychopomp

  • Bravas

  • Cox & Baloney

  • The Green Man

  • Weber & Tring’s

  • Dutch

Pubs in Bristol City Centre

If however, if you prefer to get into the city at night (or during the day should you so desire) when out drinking, there are of course plenty of pubs in Bristol’s sprawling city centre that offer great options whatever you are looking. Some of these have inevitably been mentioned in our cocktail bar and gin bar recommendations but some others you may wish to consider include:

  • The Bank Tavern

  • Graze

  • Small Bar

  • Grain Barge

  • Horts

  • The Gold Bar

  • The Beer Emporium

The fourth entry on this list should be of particular interest to anyone looking for the best rooftop bar Bristol has to offer. Grain Barge allows you to bask in the summer sunshine whilst admiring Brunel’s SS Great Britain. Perhaps the finest achievement of Bristol’s favourite sun, this is surely the ultimate way to drink in the city especially when the weather is good. Run by the Bristol Beer Factory, this pub is one of the best and should be visited at least once during your time studying in the south west.

Pub Food Bristol

Of the thirty awesome pubs mentioned in our guide to the best bars in Bristol, many do great pub food. Eating well is a big part of the west country culture and most public houses take this seriously, but we particularly recommend you check out Pump House, The Bank Tavern and the aptly named Graze but this not to do any of the other establishments in the area a disservice. We are sure you will find time to check all of these great Bristol bards out at some time during your tenure in the city. Enjoy!