How a break from social media can help boost productivity

With exam season already underway at some universities across the UK and just around the corner for the rest, the chances are that you are currently engulfed in tonnes of revision seminars and textbooks. Unfortunately, these days, the amount of distractions are unprecedented for students with TV, smartphones, tablets and computers absolutely everywhere; even in libraries and lecture halls.

Social Media

For this reason, actually knuckling down and getting on with revision at such an important time of the year has never been more difficult. We take a look at a sure-fire way of addressing this problem and making the most of your exams; a break from social media. This may make you want to immediately close this article and head to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram but the fact of the matter is that this is the single best way of improving your productivity and enhancing the quality of your revision significantly. Continual breaks in your concentration will be hampering your progress and ultimately leading to you retaining far less information heading into what could be crucial exams for your future and career. We have all been there and although distractions from revision are hardly a new thing, social media has perhaps been the biggest to ever emerge due to the ease at which you can flick from your revision notes or essays over to your browser where the temptations to flick through your profile or timeline can simply be too much. This essentially comes down to procrastination, which is natural but overcoming this could mean the difference between a mediocre and a brilliant degree come the end of your studies.

How to take a social media break

There are actually a surprising number of resources online, offering advice on the best way for you to take a social media break. This issue is not uncommon and students just like you across the UK are sat there wondering just how they can detox themselves from social media and crack on with their revision undisturbed. The main takeaway that all the guides and articles seems to offer is the sheer amount of work that one can achieve when you aren’t messing around on Facebook or Twitter. If you think about all the time you have been on these websites this week, then you will probably be surprised at just how many hours this amounts to. If you then convert that into time reading or revising then it doesn’t really take a rocket scientist to ascertain just how positive an impact this could have on your exams or coursework. Of course, deciding that you have an issue with social media and procrastination and actually managing to do something about it are two entirely different beasts. This will take some positive action by yourself as well as discipline and the support of others around you as you look to overcome these distractions. If you have several friends in the same position whom you study with, then some solidarity could go a very long way as you look to avoid all those bad habits which can lead you away from your all-important studies.


Overcoming procrastination

It would be unfair to blame everyone’s issues with procrastination purely on social media too. Although this is definitely the biggest distraction facing modern day students there is a range of other things in our daily lives which could also lead us to no focus properly on the task in hand. We live in a technological super age and there are screens literally everywhere, but it is all about showing the mental strength to concentrate on your studies. Improving your productivity at this crucial time in the academic campaign will have a positive knock on effect on the rest of your life, so addressing this now could be one of the most prudent decisions you make when at college or university.

Advice regarding procrastination

Ultimately, this takes place because deep down, you don’t really want to be doing the tasks ahead of you. This is the same for pretty much everyone, as revision is very few people’s favourite hobby but working out how to avoid procrastination is a skill that when developed properly, can make all the difference. Read the advice out there overcoming procrastination and you could well find that your grades are propelled significantly. As a final tip, you could look to uninstall your social media apps from your phones, tablets and other devices until your exams are finished and your coursework has been submitted. Although websites such as Twitter and SnapChat will only be as far away as your nearest computer, this could dramatically reduce the risk of you popping online for 5 minutes only to find all your best laid revision plans in tatters. At the end of the day though, it will come down to your own determination to succeed.

If you have successfully read this article without checking your phone, then you have made a brilliant start and shouldn’t find boosting your productivity too difficult. If you have succumbed, then you know exactly what you need to do to improve! We hope this guide has given you at least some food for thought as you head into a busy time for your studies. Be sure to have a read of some of the other great resources we have on our blog.