Summer movie guide for those rainy days

Sitting indoors on a hot summer’s day watching movies probably isn’t the best use of a student’s time, but occasionally needs must. Although we have had an absolute scorcher this year, the sad fact of the matter is that it has been an anomaly and the chances are we will be back to business as usual in no time.

On days like these, the best thing to do can often be to check out the latest movie guide and chill out with your friends. Subscription services such as Netflix and Prime Video have meant that binging on films and box sets has become all the easier and have naturally become very popular among the student demographic.

Bearing all of this in mind, the Almero Student Mansions team has created the ultimate student summer movie guide, which could be of great use when you’re sick of scrolling through Netflix and struggling to find a great film. So read on to see which classics have made it into our film guide and should be your go to when the heavens have opened during your well-earned summer break.

The Revenant – Netflix

This was the film that finally saw everyone’s favourite Italian-American scoop an Academy Award. Although many feel he should have won this awards a long time previously, his performance in this movie cannot be denied. Set in the untamed wilderness of 1820’s America, Leo gets up to all sorts with bears, horses and much more and is complemented superbly by the likes of Domhnall Gleeson and Tom Hardy. You can currently watch this one for free if you have a Netflix account, so we urge you to do so before this classic becomes unavailable.

American Gangster – Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video is quickly becoming a fantastic alternative to Netflix with its range of box sets and movies and its latest set of releases is no different. They mix some of the latest releases with classics and one we have been particularly enjoying of late is American Gangster. This one takes an alternative approach to your usual gangster movie and sees Denzel Washington doing what he does best and hustling back in 1970’s America. Russell Crowe plays his nemesis superbly and you get a bit of everything in this movie, from fashion to action. This is a great addition to any summer movie guide and should be one of your first selections when the weather outside puts paid to your plans.

The Notebook – Netflix

Next in the Almero movie guide is surely everyone’s favourite romance. Perfect for a wet summer’s day, this classic sees a young Ryan Gosling fall for his childhood sweetheart, Rachel McAdams and the film takes you through their whirlwind romance in quite spectacular fashion. You would have to be a robot not to shed a tear when watching this film but it’s one of the very best without a shadow of a doubt. You can see the trailer here but should you and your mates decide that an afternoon in front of the TV is in order, we can’t recommend this tear jerker enough. There is something for the lads and the ladies in this film, even if they won’t admit it and there is a good reason why, fourteen years later, everyone still talks about The Notebook as one of the all-time romantic greats.

Deadpool 2 – Cinemas Nationwide

Our final addition to our film guide for 2018 involves you heading to the cinema, and why not? If the rain has ruined your plans and you want to go and see a blockbuster, then why not push the boat out with your pals and head to your local ODEON or Vue? This option is bound to cheer you up even on the greyest of days, helped greatly by the copious amounts of popcorn and cheesy nachos!

If you do decide that the cinema is the way forward rather than the couch, then we recommend you choose Deadpool 2. This film is even funnier than its prequel and has received similar reviews due to its comical approach to the classic superhero movie. Ryan Reynolds, Josh Brolin, Morena Baccarin and many more star in this hilarious films which is definitely the exception to the rule that sequels suck. You can still see this movie at cinemas all around the UK and we think it’s a great alternative to the films available on Netflix, Sky or Prime and could be a fantastic afternoon out for you and your housemates.

Any of these options are bound to make even the wettest of summer afternoons all the more enjoyable but there are of course thousands of other titles available at your fingertips. We hope these are a great start however, so enjoy!