Things to do during your Christmas Holiday

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With students across the country preparing for a well-earned Christmas break, the time has come for many to decide just what they are going to do with their all-important time off. After what will have been a gruelling academic term for many, the Christmas holiday can often not come soon enough and ensuring that one makes the most of this great period of the year is of paramount importance.

It doesn’t matter if you are heading off home for Christmas, spending it with a loved one or even staying in your student digs for the period to work and see friends, we are sure that our advice on how to best kick back during the festive period will apply wherever you are and help you to come back to university in January feeling suitably refreshed and reinvigorated.

Decorating For Christmas

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If you are anything like us, then Christmas doesn’t really start until the decorations and the Christmas Tree are safely up and your home is looking super festive. As well as looking great, the actual activity of putting these decorations up is so much fun no matter how old you are and can be a good way to really kick off the festive season in style. Perhaps you have a family tradition whereby you help your parents to make your house look super Christmassy or maybe you like to do this yourself whilst your loved ones relax, either way this has become a rite of passage over the years and something everyone surely looks forward to. If you have never done this before (perhaps you just don’t trust your interior décor skills) then you can get loads of inspiration online on how to get your home looking amazing for Christmas. Social media site Pinterest is simply great for this kind of thing, so why not take a good look through some of the Christmas boards before getting started?

Christmas Dinner Recipes

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If messing around with tinsel and baubles just isn’t for you, then another great way to get involved in the Christmas spirit and help your hosts to put on a day to remember, is of course the cooking! There are hundreds if not thousands of ideal roast dinner recipes bouncing around these days and none of them are necessarily right or wrong, it will all depend on the tastes of your family or whoever you are spending Christmas with this year. If they are not necessarily culinary minded, then you could even offer to let them take a load off on Christmas day and do the roast dinner yourself? If you are a whizz in the kitchen then this will be a doddle but if not, then that is what the internet was invented for! Click on the links below to find some of the best Christmas roast dinner recipes we could find and be sure to order things like your Turkey well in advance as you will be struggling come Christmas Eve.

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Typical Christmas Celebrations

Once you have successfully negotiated your travel, Christmas decorations, the cooking of your masterpiece and of course, the all-important opening of presents; the time then comes for your Christmas celebrations. Everyone differs slightly when it comes to how they like to have fun at Christmas, with some liking to eat as much as they can and fall asleep to some classic television whereas others like to party the night away. Whichever you prefer, there are lots Christmas activities available. If you are definitely in the former bracket, then you could play a board game with your friends and family and wind down slowly. Remember that you have Boxing Day just around the corner which is traditionally another party day, so you have all the time in the world to indulge in copious amounts of food, wine and port. However, if you are keen to take advantage of Christmas Day and party, then a good old dance to some cheesy Christmas classics with your nearest and dearest never goes amiss. You can play traditional games like pass the parcel with some stocking fillers or simply turn up the music and get your groove on. The beauty of Christmas is that everyone has their preferred way to have fun and whether this be traditional Christmas celebrations and activities, or a good old shindig everyone will end up having a day to remember.

So there you have it, a few tips that will surely get your Christmas motivation going. Read our previous blog if you are struggling on getting the perfect gift for your friends and family this Christmas.