Student advice: Free things to do in Bristol

Looking for free things to do in Bristol?

Culture doesn’t have to break the bank. Bristol is a shining example of this. Renowned as one of the UK’s centres of culture, Bristol is filled with activities, attractions, and local events, many of which can be enjoyed for free.

At Almero Student Mansions, we understand the importance of location. To help, we’ve visited many of the city’s free attractions to bring you our list of personal recommendations.

Read on to find out the best fun free things to do in Bristol - and where to find them.

Student advice: Save with a trip to Cabot TowerCabot_Tower,_Bristol_(2249)

Where: West End

Built from red sandstone and finished with Bath’s distinctive cream stone, Cabot Tower makes an impressive silhouette above Brandon Hill.

The hill itself is Bristol’s oldest surviving public park, offering visitors the chance to explore numerous pathways and a nature conservation.

The tower was built in 1897 and stands at 105ft. Venture inside and climb the renovated stairways for panoramic views of Bristol and the Harbourside you won’t find anywhere else. Entry to the tower is free.


Things to do in Bristol for free: Banksy Walking Tour


Where: Throughout the city centre

Bristol and Banksy go back far together, to the days before Banksy had achieved international fame.

His earliest works can still be seen around the city, if you look carefully. Finding it has become something of a hobby for many enthusiasts.

Fans of Banksy’s work can enjoy it first-hand on self-guided tours throughout the city. We won’t spoil all the fun - do a little digging with your housemates and plan your own route for a truly unique city tour. There’s even an app!


A touch of the Gothic: St. Mary Redcliffe Church


Where: Redcliffe Way, central Bristol

From street art to sprawling architecture, Bristol has it all. St. Mary Redcliffe Church has stood for over 800 years and is a masterpiece of Gothic design.

The church crowns the red cliffs with iron curlicue, elegant bosses, and authentic 18th-century stained glass.

Visitors can immerse themselves in the church’s hallowed atmosphere and brooding chambers. There’s even a world famous organ. Open from 8.30-5pm Monday to Saturdays.

See also: St. Paul’s Church and All Saints Church


Set sail on the Matthew of Bristol


Where: Harbourside

Where else can you take a wander on a fifteenth-century ship? The Matthew is a replica of the 1447 ship that John Cabot used to discover Newfoundland and it’s open to the public.

Enjoy a leisurely cruise around Bristol’s waterways, offering unique views of the city’s Harbourside and old docks.


Free days spent on Queen Square

Queen Square, Bristol

Where: Old City

Bristol is blessed with numerous parklands, most striking of which is Queen Square.

The beautiful Georgian park is located near the centre of Bristol, making it within easy walking distance for shoppers and inner-city residents.

Designed and built in 1622 as a promenade and games area (for bowls), Queen Square is now mostly used as a place to relax. If theatre and concerts are your thing, various music performances and plays are also sometimes held here.

See also: Greville Smyth Park, the Downs


Visit the Cary Grant statue


Where: Millennium Square

Hollywood legend Cary Grant is one of Bristol’s most influential legacies.

To commemorate this leading man’s big screen successes, a life-size bronze statue was erected in 2001.

Students of history, popular culture, and film in particular might enjoy posing for photos with Bristol’s very own Hollywood legend.


Free stuff to do in Bristol: Kings Weston Roman Villa


Where: Long Cross Road

Another hot spot for those reading Ancient History, or visitors looking to familiarise themselves with Bristol’s Roman influences.

Luxury living has precedence in Bristol stretching well beyond Almero Student Mansion’s exclusive properties! King Weston Roman Villa offers a glimpse into the city’s past in the form of a late 3rd / early 4th century farmhouse.

Bristol’s only Roman bath suite is free to visit, although a £5.00 deposit is required. (You’ll get this back.) Payable to Blaise Castle House Museum on Henbury Road or the Bristol City Museum and Art Gallery on Queens Road.


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