Sixth form to university: what it takes to succeed

The transition from sixth form to university can be intimidating. Thousands of students in the UK go through it every single year. Not only are you expected to perfect your academic prowess but for what is likely to be the first time, you will be stepping out of the family home and fending for yourself. Thus university can be one of the biggest challenges you will face. Yet despite the daunting aspects there is the excitement of forging new valuable lifetime friendships.

Here at Almero Student Mansions we understand this and are ready to help make your university experience a fun and exciting experience. We look to provide useful guides and informational articles for students, covering the relevant news and academic updates. With this in mind, we thought it fit to start the 2017/18 academic campaign off with this piece on exactly what it takes to succeed at university; a student survival guide for your first year away from home.


How To Guarantee University Survival

In this university survival guide, we provide you with a few life style pointers which, if adhered to, should guarantee that you get through your first year with no problems at all. Although, we cannot guarantee you great grades as this will require discipline and hard work.

So, what is in the Almero Student Mansions student survival kit?


1. Learn To Budget & Fast!

Predictable as it may be, our first piece of advice is undoubtedly to learn how to budget and do it quickly. You will probably have heard this time and time again by your parents, careers advisers and sixth form tutors. But the basic and most important building block to being a university high flyer is to stay financially sharp.

You may well be used to enjoying the finer things in life and we are not for a second saying this should cease to be the case. However, don't forget that your student loan should last you a whole term and not a day or week.

We recommend that you try using one of the popular prepaid budgeting cards so you don’t run out of money by November. Alternatively, you can just map out your finances into a good old-fashioned spreadsheet. Just don’t go crazy with that new found large amount of money in your bank account, it won’t last forever.


2. Keep Yourself In Shape

The vast majority of you will have been well fed and watered by your parents over the years and this is something you could well take for granted. Student life means that you are responsible for your own nutrition. Although kebabs and burgers are tasty and quick, they aren’t going to leave you looking or feeling great in the long term.

At university, it is more important than ever to keep your vitamins and mineral in take in chec. This will help you recover from those boozy nights out and also help with cognitive function, meaning your grades are likely to be better. So although the garlic bread and cheese on the way back from your social should be enjoyed and taken advantage of, try to keep fruit and vegetables in your diet too.

If you are already sporty, then regular exercise won’t be a problem and you should most certainly join a sports team or society to enjoy this aspect of student life. But if not, then you should consider a student gym membership. You'll thank us later.


3. Don’t Battle The Blues

Homesickness is totally normal yet probably one of the biggest hurdles for many students at university. But it doesn’t have to be your nemesis.

It is completely natural to miss your friends and family. These are the people you have spent the best part of two decades with and you definitely shouldn’t feel silly for getting the blues. Thankfully, millennials have it better than the generations that have gone before them and it’s so much easier to stay in touch than the 80’s and 90’s when mobiles weren’t even commonplace.

Our advice is not to fight this feeling and go home when you can, if it’s fairly easy and not too expensive. Obviously, you should be getting the full uni experience so driving home every Friday isn’t really the idea. So try to go home regularly with steady studying and regular socials scheduled in. Why not take a new uni pal with you and show them where you grew up? This can be a great way to reduce the divide between home and student life.

These are our top student survival tips for 2017 and we really believe these will help you to have an amazing time in your new home. Combine this with a great academic work ethic and plan all your work properly to guarantee a satisfying university experience. Now go forth and make some of the best friends you will ever meet and get the degree you deserve for that desirable career.

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