The best ways to relax in Nottingham

Everyone likes to relax in different ways, that is a fact of life. What one person finds boring, another will see as the perfect way to unwind after a gruelling semester at University and whilst many people find going out on the town somewhat of an ordeal, especially during the festive season, others see this as the perfect way to reward oneself.

For this very reason, there are several ways we think the modern student can relax in Nottingham. Ranging from the cultured and sophisticated, to some activities that would surely be best enjoyed by the discerning gentlemen out there; we have stayed true to form and seen fit to highlight these for you in our latest feature. Nottingham really is a hive of student activity, as you are about to find out and there are most probably far more exciting things to get up to than you first thought.

Nights out in Nottingham

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Perhaps one of the main reasons Nottingham attracts so many new students every year, is the fact that it is a safe and sociable city for everyone. Despite its old reputation, the city enjoys some of the best stats in the country for a safe night out, making this one of the best ways to relax in the city. In fact, the city has won many Purple Flag Awards, an accolade that recognises excellence in the running of town and city centres at night. It doesn’t matter if you prefer high-class cocktail bars, nightclubs, concerts, all-night raves or just a quiet pub; the choice is incredible as you have most probably learned already if you have been studying in Nottingham for a while. Nestled in the architecture of the ever-popular Lace Market and Hockley areas are a range of stylish cocktail bars and dancing venues. Here are some of our favourites that we would particularly recommend.


This venue is great for pre-clubbing drinks due to its location in the heart of the city centre. It also offers a breath-taking view of Nottingham’s skyline.

Coco Tang

A secret world of cocktail creations and late-night glamour, discreetly hidden under the cobbled streets.

Market Bar

An ever-popular student haunt, this late-night bar’s vibrant lighting and leather booths make it one of the more sophisticated in the city. You are advised to dress to impress when visiting the Market Bar though, such is its calibre.

You can find more bars and clubs in Nottingham by clicking here and seeing what the reviews on TripAdvisor say. Of course, if a night of gallivanting around town is not enough for you, one can always visit one of the city’s selection of Nottingham casinos. You can find all the top names from Grosvenor Casinos to Genting and independent’s like Dusk Til Dawn and this can often the be perfect way to relax and wind your evening down. Obviously, you should always exercise caution and be careful not to gamble what you can’t afford to lose, but when approached sensibly this can be the perfect way to have some fun with your friends and reminisce about your night out on the tiles.

Royal Concert Hall

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As we have already mentioned, a night out drinking may not quite be your cup of tea when looking for ways to relax in Nottingham. If this is the case, then our next two recommendations are really polar opposites but perfectly valid ways to take it easy in the city. The first of which is the Royal Concert Hall, a venue which gets over half a million visitors every year alongside its sister venue, the Theatre Royal. You can see exactly what is on at this superb Nottingham attraction by heading to their What’s On section and as you will see, the itinerary is always jam-packed with world famous acts. From renowned orchestras, the highest quality ballet, contemporary dance, opera and touring drama alongside West End musicals, family shows, stand-up comedy and rock & pop music, there really is something for everyone at the Royal Concert Hall in Nottingham and there may be no better way to relax in the city than a visit to the venue. Interestingly, the theatre also offers a wide range of workshops and projects involving the local community. These include free foyer performances, backstage tours, conference and meeting facilities, plus a café and restaurant that has received rave reviews for the quality of its cuisine. So, as one can see the venue really does provide something for everyone.

Spas In Nottingham

Lastly, if you are looking for the ultimate in relaxation when kicking back in Nottingham, you could do a lot worse than one of the spa hotels you can find dotted around the city. Whether you have exhausted yourself on a night out to remember or simply just want to treat yourself, the range of places available in Nottingham is quite remarkable.
We have listed some of our favourite spas in Nottingham below and you can click through to see some of their review, but they are all regarded and pretty great spots to get pampered and forget about the rigours of work or university. Enjoy…

Ye Olde Bell Hotel Restaurant
Warner leisure Hotel
The Nottingham Belfry
The Crowne Plaza
Eastwood Hall

There you have it, we have covered all bases from a night on the town to the ultimate in relaxation in the city of Nottingham and we hope that our picks have given you a taste of some of the fantastic activities there are available in Nottingham. Remember to keep an eye on our blog for more great articles just like this one throughout the festive period.