Preparing for your Master’s winter graduation ceremony


If you have recently completed your Master’s degree, then you will no doubt be heading into the festive period feeling buoyant and therefore looking forward to your winter graduation. This is a day that will live long in the memory for you and of course, your proud family.

Preparing for your winter graduation can sometimes be rather tricky however, depending on your course and university.
Depending on where you are from, ensuring all of your loved ones can attend the momentous occasion can be quite a task. There is also the dilemma of what you will wear on the big day in order to ensure you look great in your photographs.
This is a conundrum that many of our valued customers here at Almero Student Mansions ponder and for this very reason, we have put together the following advice on preparing for your master’s winter graduation ceremony.

Winter Graduation Ceremonies

Graduation ceremonies can sometimes take a bit of flak, with many students seeing them as an unnecessary, outdated and generally lacklustre affair which just costs time and money, but we disagree entirely.
After years of negotiating hefty textbooks, long lectures and arduous dissertations and exams, you deserve a day all about you and your achievements. The sense of pride this will give your parents, who may well have contributed large sums of money to your education, makes the day well worth it. Your Master's graduate photographs will be cherished for years, and act as a welcome reminder of your endeavours during your degree.
These ceremonies take place all around the year, varying by your type of course. Many opt for winter graduation which calls for quite different preparations to those taking place in the summer; particularly around dress code.

Are There Any Rules for Graduation Outfits?

Winter graduation ceremonies are quite easy for the chaps, as they can wear a suit, so their gown and mortarboard will fit seamlessly over the top. For the ladies, the day can be somewhat awkward to dress for due to the usual concern about over or underdressing, and braving the elements whilst also looking your best.
With this in mind, we have put together the following quick-fire things to consider when thinking about your graduation outfits. We hope these help all the winter masters graduates out there pick the perfect outfit for the day:

Don’t Wear A Prom Dress Under Your Gown

This could cause problems when you are going to collect your degree and may well be longer than your gown anyway!

Consider Your University Dress Code

Be careful to check with your college or university as to their dress code, to prevent any dramas on winter graduation day.


Ensure You Are Comfortable

You want to look your best on graduation day, why wouldn’t you. But bear in mind that it could be a long day and an even longer evening, so make sure you are comfortable too.

Check The Forecast

Although winter graduation ceremonies are highly likely to be cold, they may not be wet. Check the forecast and if you are brave you could well get away with something more adventurous if there is no rain lurking about.


You may be quite restricted in terms of what one can wear to their graduation ceremony, but that doesn’t mean you can enhance things a bit with some accessories. Don’t go too bling of course, but a nice necklace or bracelet could make all the difference.

Professional Make Up

As we have mentioned, this is your big day and could be one of the biggest you will experience so why not treat yourself. You could even get your make up done by a professional for your graduation to ensure you look sophisticated but discrete.
If you are really stuck for inspiration, then Pinterest can be a fantastic resource and has dedicated boards all about the ideal graduation outfit.
Apologies again for the gents out there reading this article, we suggest you simply invest in a good quality suit and make sure you brush your hair!

Enjoy Your Day

Other than looking the part, our main piece of advice for any masters’ graduates looking forward to a winter ceremony is to make sure you feel fresh for the day. Get a great night’s sleep before the event to guarantee you are bright eyed and bushy tailed and on top form for your friends and family.
Finally, enjoy yourself and relax. Despite all of this, the day is yours and you have worked so hard to get to this point, you deserve a day to remember. Once you have your outfit sorted, your family plans arranged and of course, your place booked at the event, the time has come to sit back and revel in what you have achieved.

We hope you have a great day! Be sure to keep visiting the Almero Student Mansions blog to check out some of the other guides and articles written just for students, like this one!