Post-lockdown Instagram Bucket List - Manchester

At the moment, a fast-emerging hobby for many is nostalgically scrolling through pictures on our Instagram profiles captured before social distancing and worldwide lockdowns started. At present, the only content we can post is throwback posts to that 2015 trip to Spain; the 1000-piece puzzle our household is currently building; or the emerging spring flowers we spotted during our Government-approved walks. 

Manchester is the first instalment of our Post-Lockdown Instagram Bucket List series, where we will be posting our recommendations for boosting your Instagram content once lockdown ends. For anyone seeking student accommodation in Manchester for 2020/21, why not explore our quality student flats available in Manchester?

Here are five instagrammable places in Manchester to look forward to snapping and posting once social distancing measures are lifted. 


PLATT FIELDS PARK | No Instagram Handle | M14 6LA

This popular park is only a 3-minute walk from Almero’s student flats situated in Cawdor Road, and a 15-minute walk from our student flats in Davenport Avenue, Lombard Grove and Holcombe Road. Get a close-up of a swan or inquisitive goose on the lake, capture the sunset through the trees, or snap a picture with your friends on a picnic.


Picture by @_tonythefish_



This fun Aussie/Kiwi-inspired Northern Quarter café is a one-minute walk away from Almero’s stylish yet affordable student block, Clydesdale House. Post a picture of your Saturday morning French toast, your glistening cold brew coffee, or the other delicious (and good-looking) offerings on the menu.


Posted by @federalcafebar



This venue hosts a limited series of club events each year and has been a Manchester icon since the mid-2000s. Take a boomerang of your friends dancing along to the music, an edgy snap of your foaming beer in the stage lights, or for bonus points try to grab a picture with the band after the show.


Picture by @bittah.pupil 


GRUB MANCHESTER | @grubmcr | M4 4HF

Manchester’s largest street food event is open most days of the week (post-lockdown, of course). For the foodies reading this that have long-last posted a picture of their jealousy-inducing meals, this will be the place for you! Choose your subject matter from a selection of decadent pizza, confetti cake, ice-cream, rice noodle rolls, cheesecake burgers and more.


Picture by @monscran 

Archies | @archies |M3 3AQ

The Manchester Evening News has also recently announced, the popular Archie’s burger chain has re-opened for deliveries and in-store collections. Archie’s is only a 5-minute walk away from our student block, Clydesdale House. With their legendary burgers, it would be the perfect photo to post on your Instagram! 


Picture by @archies 


CRAZY PEDRO’S | @crazypedros | M1 1JG

This student dive bar is only a three-minute walk away from our student block, Clydesdale House. Take a photo posing in front of their vibrant mural, a snap of a friend taking a bite of their cheesy pizza, or a boomerang of your friends clinking beers together. 


Picture by @jessjepson_


We are sure that after reading this, you are as excited as we are for Manchester to be back in action once more. If you have not yet found the right student accommodation for 2020/21, please check out Almero’s student flats available in Manchester

Keep a look out for our next Post-Lockdown Instagram Bucket List instalment, and give @almero_student a follow on Instagram. Until then, we wish you the best of luck for the remaining time in lockdown.