Places to visit on the weekend: Edinburgh

With the first semester well underway at University and the Christmas break still some way ahead, you may well be looking for a well-earned weekend away from the rigours of academia. If that is indeed the case for you, then the latest feature from our team here at Almero Student Mansions could well be of interest.

Student travel is all the easier these days due to faster and more affordable city links, making your journey to even the furthest reaches of the UK increasingly simple. With this in mind, we have decided to focus on one of our favourite locations, Edinburgh.

We are confident you will find everything you need to know about Scotland’s most prestigious city and we have sorted the best bits into priority orders so you can check them off one at a time when you are on your travels. Read on to find out more and also the best travel options when travelling from Bristol to Edinburgh and Nottingham to Edinburgh.

edinburgh skyline

Open Water Swimming

Swimming outside has made somewhat of a comeback in recent years and there is nowhere in the UK quite like Edinburgh when it comes to some of the most serene and picturesque settings for the activity. You can find some fantastic waters for open water swimming at Portobello Beach, Threipmuir, Glencorse, Clubbiedean and Musselburgh lagoons.

This is the perfect way to spend a relaxing weekend away from university and many of the aforementioned locations are situated at the end of some beautiful walks in classic Scottish woodlands. To find out more about the resurgence of this intriguing pastime and the very best locations Scotland has to offer, you can head to Outdoor Swimming Society.

March of the Penguins

Any visit to a major city usually means a visit the local zoo and Edinburgh’s has a reputation for being one of the finest in Europe. An extensive range of well looked after, diverse creatures and some unrivalled facilities make Edinburgh Zoo a treat for all and it is also an attraction with a difference.
The Penguin Parade is one of the most popular displays around when it comes to everyone’s favourite tuxedo cladded birds and you can see them in all their glory any day of the week at Edinburgh Zoo. That is provided they fancy taking a stroll as they are never forced out, as the zoo is always keen to impress upon its visitors. Find out what else you can discover at Edinburgh Zoo during your trip here.


Predictable we know, but no guide to all that Edinburgh has to offer would be complete without a mention of The Fringe. The comedy festival still boasts the widest and most eclectic mix of entertainment on offer and you can one of three weekends when planning your trip, perfect for student travel and the fact that you may need to remain flexible.

Fringe is probably the most “student-esque” of all the attractions in our guide, due to the fact that it mainly consists of eating, drinking and partying but in rather sophisticated surroundings.

You can start at Fringe as early at 9am, with top acts starting bright and early and party in the festival’s reassuringly expensive beer gardens until late. For anyone wanting to party into the small hours, one can even head to the Gilded Balloon, which stays open to 5am. Just remember that you may well have another day of laughter and partying ahead of you.

Absorb Yourself in the Arts

Of course, as committed students in the pursuit of serious academia, you will want to embrace some of the arts whilst you are in Edinburgh. The best place to do this likely to be at The National Galleries of Scotland, which includes the Scottish National Gallery, The Gallery of Modern Art and the Portrait Gallery.

People are often surprised at some of the rare and famous pieces one can find at Edinburgh’s galleries. These attractions are completely free of charge and you can find genuine works of art from such names as Picasso, Warhol, Lichtenstein, Dali and Da Vinci; making a day at the National Galleries one to be remembered.

With all this on offer, it is hardly surprising that Edinburgh has become a favourite destination for students travelling from Bristol and Nottingham, not least due to the fantastic student community the city has of its own.

You can book train tickets from either of the locations you can find our luxury student accommodation, Bristol or Nottingham by visiting the National Rail website, where you can avoid booking fees. Whether travelling from Bristol to Edinburgh or Nottingham to Edinburgh, you can find flexible times by booking well in advance and booking your seat for a relaxing and enjoyable journey.

edinburgh castle

These are of course just some of the great attractions you can find in Edinburgh but you will find all this and more by visiting what is regarded as one of the continent’s most elegant tourist cities. We would love to hear about your visit to Edinburgh and in the meantime, don’t hesitate to contact us by clicking here if you have any questions whatsoever regarding our selection of luxury student accommodation in Bristol and Nottingham.