Places to visit on the weekend: London

If you have just started your first year at University in Bristol or anywhere in the south for that matter, then the chances are that you have just safely negotiated a fresher’s week and you’re still starting to adjust to your new surroundings.


You will need no introduction to Bristol itself, or you wouldn’t have chosen the west country’s biggest and best city for your studies, but there are all sorts of other incredible destinations just a stone’s throw away. In this Almero Student Mansions guide, we take a look at our great nation’s capital, London…

Ease of Travel

In today’s day and age, 120 miles is nothing. Whether travelling by train or car, covering that sort of distance is something we take for granted as a leisurely journey these days, making a jaunt from Bristol to London somewhat of a stroll in the park; one that many students now make on a regular basis. An hour and a half on a train when you have a smartphone, a Spotify account and Instagram is quite simply a doddle, isn’t it?

So, why are so many students making the London to Bristol return trip so frequently? We’ve all done Tower Bridge, Madame Tussaud’s and the London Dungeon, so what is causing so many west country students to flock to the capital?

In true Almero style, we have done some digging around and found three reasons why the UK’s biggest city continues to be such a popular place to visit at the weekend, especially for Bristol based students.


There are no two ways about it, hipster culture is everywhere. However, nowhere in London emphasises this point more than Shoreditch. Not somewhere visitors would rush to in a hurry a few years ago, Shoreditch has become the epicentre of hipster culture in the UK these days due to its quirky pubs, craft ales, pop up burger stalls and of course, an array of impressive beards and tattoos.


For this reason, Shoreditch is an ever popular choice for the more bohemian students out there and an almost guaranteed pit stop for any one making the Bristol to London weekend commute.


Another one of London’s gentrification hotspots, Peckham is probably most famous for being the home to the Trotters from comedy classic, Only Fools and Horses. What you see today is a far cry from the decaying high rise flats and a clapped out three wheeler that the eighties sitcom made so very iconic. Peckham is now an area that has embraced its ethnic population and its multi-cultural melting pot of restaurants, bars and funky venues make it a no brainer for the student demographic.

In fact, so cutting edge have Peckham’s residents become that structures such as the Copper Clad Modern Library which was funded by public cash, has even won the Stirling Prize for Architecture. Multi storey car parks converted into swanky bars, award winning street art and sixties style Campari bars all add to Peckham’s new found appeal and all culminate in a London experience that is unmistakably 21st century London.


One of London’s most infamous areas over the years, best remembered for the riots of 1981 in which deprived African communities clashed with police, Brixton is another part of London that has undergone a quite remarkable transformation over the years. Take a stroll through Brixton today and one will find a very different atmosphere indeed.

The very same ethnic communities now help the area to thrive as reggae, outstanding Caribbean food and some of the best indoor markets London has to offer enhance Brixton and make it one of the city’s more desirable areas. Not a night out for the feint hearted, but certainly one for any students wanting to embrace London’s diverse culture set.

What were once derelict flat blocks are now classy London homes and the beer, cuisine and culture on offer have made it one of the most popular London destinations for students making the trip from Bristol to London.


With student travel across the UK becoming more and more popular these days due to railcard offers, faster trains and better city links, London is just one of a range of destinations that Bristol students choose when a hard week’s studying comes to an end.

We will be covering these right here at the Almero Student Mansions blog so be sure to keep your eyes peeled for more guides just like this. In the meantime, be sure to share our London student travel guide with your friends.

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