The best luxury takeaway & delivery food in Exeter

Finding places to eat in Exeter is similar to many other large towns and cities in the UK. You won’t be surprised to see the likes of Prezzo, Bella Italia, Las Iguanas, Pizza Express, Zizzi’s, Wagamama, Pizza Hut and Nando’s. These establishments all have their place and since the advent of Deliveroo, we know that we can now get these dishes to our front door should we so desire. You can also venture towards the Princess Hay Shopping Centre which contains several of these restaurants as well as your customary Café Rouge, Strada and Exeter’s own Giraffe whose menu includes food from around the world.

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Luxury Exeter Takeaway and Delivery

With so many restaurants in Exeter these days, the choice can sometimes be overwhelming so read on to find our best recommendations for takeaway in Exeter.

Al Farid Restaurant

Al Farid is a restaurant that has gained a sterling reputation in Exeter over the years due to the fresh and original Moroccan options they have on their menu. These guys regularly get amazing reviews for the quality of their dishes, the cleanliness of their kitchen and their customer service. If north African or Mediterranean food is what you are looking for then Al Farid could be the ideal option for you. They also do great gluten-free, vegan and vegetarian options.


Pasha is a close second to Al Farid and their menu is not entirely dissimilar, although there is more of a Turkish feel to many of their dishes. Pasha also receives great reviews. You only have to read some on TripAdvisor to see what other customers think.

Absurd Bird

Absurd Bird is one of Exeter’s little gems and is ideal for students looking for some premium quality junk food. If you are looking for dishes such as fried chicken and waffles, wings and even peanut butter cheesecake delivered to your door, then we recommend these guys. These American classics will be delivered to your door without compromising any of the quality that has earned this restaurant such a great reputation over the years. They also cater extremely well for vegetarians, making Absurd Bird a versatile option as well!

Goa Spice Premier

It wouldn’t be much of a guide to Exeter’s best luxury takeaway without profiling a good Indian. Goa Spice Premier has consistently ranked as Exeter’s best takeaway for Indian, Asian, and Balti food and as with many of the takeaways in the area; vegetarians, vegans, and individuals with dietary needs are extremely well catered for.


Beijing Oriental Express

Finally, when looking for the best luxury Chinese takeaway in Exeter, the options are excellent. Their menu is comprehensive, to say the least, and you can see from their Just Eat reviews that they are probably the busiest luxury takeaway in town. These guys average a four star rating from over 1,400 reviews, so they must be doing something right!

We can’t list all the very best luxury takeaways in Exeter but hopefully, this has given you some insight into the kind of places you should be checking out. You can of course head to sites such as JustEat, Trip Advisor and Deliveroo to see what is available although not all of these will be strictly luxury.