How To Live Your Best Student Life In Manchester (For Under £250 per week)

We know that choosing a university isn’t just about the degree you’ll study for. It’s about deciding where to spend three years of your life! The university you pick will determine who you meet, how you socialise, what your nightlife is like, how you spend weekends, and where you live. It will even determine what you eat… to some extent! Luckily, Manchester offers fun on all fronts, and on a student friendly budget. In 2019, it was ranked the third most affordable city in the UK!

Though a bustling city with a thriving arts scene and lively nightlife, Manchester is notoriously affordable. Anything you wish to pursue is on your doorstep in this approachable city, and we think it’s a great student city. For those studying here, there is great food, exciting culture and desirable housing all in student price ranges.

Where to eat?

Manchester is known as a city of curry, and there are loads of affordable curry houses. All of our residents have a different favourite, and we’re confident you’ll find your own without breaking the bank! We recommend something a little different… Bundobusy offer amazing Indian street food and craft beer, with the entire menu vegetarian or vegan.

We haven’t even let you in on the worst kept secret of Archie’s yet… but take your appetite for burgers and milkshakes to Oxford Road and you won’t be disappointed (at either of their locations!).

Student life doesn’t have to mean pizza life, but sometimes it should! For those days when you’re recovering from enjoying the buzzing city students love, we’d go for Rudy’s. These neopolitan pizzas are all just £6.50!

What to do?

[caption id="attachment_17546" align="aligncenter" width="1333"] Image credits: Manchester Art Gallery[/caption]

Manchester is a vibrant city, offering an amazing metropolitan lifestyle for students and locals alike. There’s loads to do, whatever your style.

We encourage all students to enjoy the Manchester Museum. It is owned by the University of Manchester, and covers anthropology, archaeology and natural history. There’s more than enough to fill any rainy day or visit from family, and entry is free!

If visual art is more your thing, don’t miss Manchester Art Gallery. Again, this institution offers free entry and so much to see. There are regular special exhibitions, and a permanent collection which draws tourists from around the world. They also host themed events for those really into the scene!

Where to go out?

One of the reasons that Manchester is such a great city for students is the huge club scene. There is a venue or night to suit anyone’s taste, and always a great DJ whatever day of the week tickles your fancy. With so many spots to showcase, we’re going to offer total reassurance that you’ll find what you’re looking for, and leave it to you to find your own perfect club, bar or night once you’re here.

Live music is huge in Manchester, and there are amazing gig venues from intimate to stadium. Whether you want to discover the latest grime artist or watch an international star on an arena stage, Manchester is the city to do it!

Where to stay?

Of course we’re biased, but we believe Almero student accommodation will help you live the best Manchester student life. We’ve got everything you need to feel safe, connected and comfortable. We chose to develop housing in Manchester because we think it’s a great student city. Now we’d love you to make it your home for the next few years, and will happily offer tips and hints to help you make the most of this brilliant city.