Introduction to Leeds Beckett University

Our Guide to Leeds Beckett University

Following the popularity of last week’s feature, in which we profiled Leeds University, we have decided to follow the article up with a guide to one of the city’s other prominent institutions. With several notable universities and colleges offering higher education courses, working out which is best for you can be a tricky affair. So with no further ado, read on to learn some great quickfire facts about Leeds Beckett University.

Leeds Beckett University Notable Alumni

As is the case with many of the superior universities across the UK, Leeds Beckett University has many notable alumni who could act as inspiration for you to enrol at the college. To profile every single one in this article would just be silly, but we have selected some of the more glamorous, some of which you may have had no idea studied at Leeds Beckett University.

Austin Healey – Former England international rugby player and pundit

Stereo Mike – Popular hip-hop artist

Eric Pickles – Famous politician

Alexander Skarsgard – Model, actor and son of the legendary Stellen Skarsgard

Kevin Sinfield – One of England’s finest Rugby League players

Ricky Wilson – Kaiser Chiefs frontman and former judge on The Voice

The History of Leeds Beckett University

Leeds Becket University started life in 1824 as Leeds Mechanics Institute and later became Leeds Institute of Science, Art and Literature. By 1927 it had adopted the more manageable title of Leeds College of Technology.

A merger in 1970 saw the formation of Leeds Polytechnic and in 1987, the poly became one of the founding members of the Northern Consortium. When the Further and Higher Education Act all but dissolved the polytechnic colleges, the institution became known as Leeds Metropolitan University.

Finally, in 2013 the Board of Governors opted to change the name of the college once again to its current guide of Leeds Beckett University. It is however, still referred to lovingly as The Met by staff and alumni and you will often hear the sporting faculty called Carnegie.

What Are Leeds Beckett Courses?

Crucial to a decision to study at university, is of course the course it offers. As a University with a great reputation and excellent facilities, the range of topics offered is understandably vast.

With courses available across Law, Business, Science, Engineering, Art, Education and even Psychology; making a final decision can be an arduous task. Thankfully, there are all sorts of resources available at the Leeds Beckett website, which looks to offer advice on just which courses would be ideal for you.

Leeds Beckett University Fees

The fees you will pay during you time at Leeds Beckett University will largely depend on your course, how many years this lasts and whether you will also need help with maintenance. New starters will usually have these fees confirmed as part of your offer but this will also vary if you are coming from abroad to study for your degree.

You can find all this information online and in any correspondence you have received regarding your offer. However, this section of the Leeds Becket site is also extremely helpful.

Leeds Beckett Library

During your time studying at Leeds Beckett University, you will inevitably spend a lot of time at the library. Whether you are using the facilities such as computers or printing, reading, having a meeting with peers or simply looking to study in peace, this area can be a haven for students wanting to make some real headway with their degree course.

To find out more, explore this dedicated portal which runs through everything the Leeds Beckett Library offers and more.

Leeds Beckett Student Union

If you choose Leeds Beckett as your place of study, then the Student Union is also likely to be a big part of your life for a few years. This is where you can get involved with all walks of student life from social events, to sports teams and even volunteering. We suggest you spend as much time as you can getting involved with your Student Union at Leeds Beckett University as this is where you really get to experience student life and it is also a great way to get some escapism from the rigours of your studies and examinations.

You can check out the current exec team and see which societies you can look forward to joining here.

Leeds Beckett Campus

Last but by no means least is the great Leeds Becket University campus. There are several of these due to the fact that the university is constantly growing and the key ones to research are:

  • City Campus

  • Broadcasting Place

  • The Rose Bowl

  • Portland & Calverley

  • Headingley Campus

These are all state of the art and you may recognise some as they regularly host events for the Leeds community. This is where you will do the majority of your studying and as you will notice from taking a good look around this great university’s website, the facilities really are first class.

This guide should provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision about your studies, especially of you look at Leeds as a potential location. Whilst you’re here, why not take a look at our guide to the city where you can also find out more about our luxury student accommodation in the city?