How to make the most of your student accommodation at Nottingham University

1. Amplify your Alarm

Despite having spent the first ten years of our educational life waking up and having time to shower, eat and actually getting to school all before 8:30, by the time we get to university we are usually operating on a different timezone and so staring down the barrel of a 9 am lecture is one of life's great terrors and waking up at that time is like trying to overcome a heavy dose of jet lag.

The solution, phone in a glass or mug will amplify your alarm to such an extent that you literally won’t be able to sleep through it (believe me I have tried). You will hate us for even suggesting this but in the long run it will be worth it, maybe.

Life hacks for students


2. Make your keys unique

When you share the same looking keys with more than 10 thousand other people it is important to make your keys easy to identify. Or if you live in private accommodation you pretty much spend your first-month trying various keys through a painstaking trial and error period. Is this for the front door…? Oh turns out it is for your room… never mind.

There is a simple trick to solve the problem and all you will need is nail polishes and tape.

You use the tape to cover the keys, paint your nail polish on it, wait til it dries and voila! You know exactly which keys for your student accommodation are yours and which ones open which doors. At the end of the year you can just use nail polish remover to remove the paint it will be shining as new ready for its next owner.

Life hacks for students



3. Use the do not disturb mode to boost your efficiency.

Every Nottingham student knows the feeling of trying to revise with the ultimate temptresses that are Facebook, Whatsapp and online window shopping begging to be checked. Say no more; we know how much of a losing struggle this can be. However thanks to apple we have, at our fingertips, the really quite wonderful ‘Do not disturb’ mode.

This does exactly what it suggests. For however long it is on you will receive no phone calls and no notifications about incoming messages. You can also restrict websites that you can go on while in this mode as well such as Facebook, Twitter and the mother of all guilty pleasures that is Instagram and allow us to actually make some headway with our latest assignment. It also works great for lectures as well!


Do Not Disturb iPhone



4. Let the smell of freshly brewed coffee wake you up  

If you are anything like me then any sort of brain functionality needs a healthy dose of caffeine to kick start the morning.

Well prepare to meet the single greatest invention of our time. This alarm has a built in coffee maker, all you need to do is to fill the water in and add your favourite grounded coffee the night before and set the time you want to be woken up. The sound of boiling water and the smell of coffee will be one of the most joyous ways to wake up and face the day. For more info click here: Barisieur

Life hacks for students



5. Try out some easy student recipes

These recipes are so easy to make you will love every single one of it. Whilst as a fresher we were happy to binge on Dominoes, Chinese and anything else that Just Eat might have to offer but by the time we are in our own student accommodation most Nottingham students come round to the idea that actually cooking a meal might not be the worst idea. After all you have the facilities so why not? No they won’t come close to the family roast, but it may go some way to start making you feel that little bit healthier.

Life hacks for students


6. Use Scents or Gum to help your remember.

Believe or not so apparently chewing the same flavoured gum or wear your signature perfume during the exam that you were chomping on and sprayed it out during revision in your student house and can stimulate your memory sensors and allow you to recall more facts and theories then you would ordinarily be able to do.

Now, before everyone takes this as gospel I am going to protect myself slightly here and point out that doing some sort of revision will also probably help you here as well, but if you are looking to supplement your hours of hard work, then this could be a very nice little buffer.

Life hacks for students


7. When it’s time for a well-deserved break

After spending a hard time revising you deserve a treat. Students accommodations these days have plenty of fridge and freezer space so why not make the most of it. To chill wine down to the perfect temperature here is what you do: put some grapes into the freezer and wait until it’s frozen, use it as ice cubes in the wine. It won’t water it down and will still make it a perfect cold temperature. It will take the Nottingham summer time to a whole new level.

Life hacks for students


8. Keep a little friend next to your desk

Who knew that you can make a cut on a tennis ball, and it will turn into a holder! All you need to do is to make a cut a small line on a tennis ball. You can draw anything you want on it to make it funny. It can be your best helper in the house.

Life hacks for students


9. Use apps to help you.

Student life can be stressful and hard to get used, even with the most luxury of student accommodation. Luckily for you there are some apps that will just make your life 100 times easier.

For example: Sleep Cycle is smart alarm clock will sense your movement while you sleep and it will only wake you up when you are in your lightest sleep phase. What this means instead of being jerked awake feeling like death you should be gracefully brought out of your slumber.

Life hacks for students

Another good one is Quest

It is probably the cutest and the most interesting To-Do List. Each task you set is represented by a monster, after you accomplished the task you will get the satisfying experience of destroying the said monster and level up. It also supports apple watch.
Life hacks for students


10. Grow your own herbs

Okay, you might think this is less student accommodation life and more something you would do with your Grandma, but anyone who enjoys fresh herbs will know what I am talking about. When you move out of your fresher halls you will be looking at a far more adult set up and having your own place with your flatmates. Once you are in the proper house having some plants always helps. They are both decorative and practical. You can use it for cooking, put it in your house special cocktail or a jug of Pimms during summer. Your herb garden will make everyone around you jealous. Trust me.

Life hacks for Nottingham students