How to impress your mates with the ultimate summer BBQ

There is nothing quite a like a great summer barbecue is there? This year’s almost perfect summer has seen summer bbq’s taking place across the country daily and many of our residents across the UK have been enjoying the great British summertime in style. However, there is a big difference between a good barbecue and a great one, as we cover in the latest instalment of the Almero Student Mansions blog.

As students across the country start think about their return to university next month, forecasts suggest there will still be ample opportunity or at least one summer bbq before Autumn and Winter descend. We have therefore compiled these killer tips for impressing your mates with the ultimate summer barbecue.

Posh Barbecue Recipes

Pork Belly Slices

Pork is absolutely perfect for the barbecue due to the incredible juices you get from the intense heat. Pork belly usually needs to be cooked for quite a while, so you should cook it on a high shelf throughout lunchtime and serve mid-afternoon; many of your guests will have accumulated quite an appetite by then. Serve with the current craze of brioche buns and fries and of course, a big dollop of homemade coleslaw.

Gourmet Duck Burgers

Burgers are of course the staple of any summer barbecue, but have you ever considered pushing the boat out and opting for gourmet duck burgers? This are quite hard to find but the likes of Marks & Spencer’s sometimes have these ready prepared. However, if you are a dab hand in the kitchen these are actually incredibly easy to make yourself.

Simply acquire some quality duck breast from your local butchers and ask them to mince this for you. One can then mould them into burgers as you would beef mince and for an added touch, add some camembert or similar cheese to the middle for a delectable hamburger that is likely to add your barbecue to university folklore.

Halloumi With Red Pepper & Sweet Potato

For the vegetarians at your party, this dish has become a real fan’s favourite at student bbqs. Halloumi is simply divine when grilled, especially with the smokiness that a barbecue provides. This can be used as the basis for a burger or served with your sides and accompaniments for a main dish which will make even the carnivores at your party jealous.

Prepare your sweet potato wedges the night before and stick on the barbecue to serve and add some red peppers to add some colour and really bring out the saltiness of your halloumi. This is a bbq favourite that has become more and more popular over the last few years and should be a winner for your late summer get together.

Summer Barbecue Prep

There are few things worse than turning up to a summer barbecue only to find nothing but dried out burgers and hotdogs, and bread rolls that have been toasted by the sun. Despite the fact that many guests will bring their own bits and pieces to your summer bbq, there are bits of prep that can propel your gathering into the “ultimate” category.

  • Sides & Snacks – The accompaniments to a barbecued burger or sausage can make or break a dish. For little effort, you can provide some cracking sides and snacks that will complement the main courses beautifully and leave your guests feeling extremely content. You could knock up a potato salad perhaps or get some quality leaves from your local M&S to spruce up even the most lacklustre of burgers or hotdogs. Add to this some posh condiments such as Dijon mustard or chilli ketchup and you have yourself the complete bbq meal.

  • Beers & Cocktails – It just wouldn’t be a barbecue without ample booze, now would it? Again, no one likes to turn up to a summer barbecue only to find nothing but warm cans of Carlsberg or the remnants of a used Pimm’s bottle. Ensure your guests have a steady supply of cold beverages and think premium, get all the fruit you need for an epic Pimm’s jug and make sure your premium beers and white wines are as cold as possible. If you don’t have huge confidence in your fridge or freezer, then just head to the frozen aisle at the supermarket and buy as much ice as you can carry!

Follow these tips and you should have the perfect barbecue and a party that will leave your guests suitably tipsy and superbly fed and all with that added air of sophistication and style. We are sure you will want to add some of your own personal touches but in terms of food, snacks and beverages; this is the way to do it.