How to find a part-time job to help facilitate your studies

Unless you have budgeted extremely sensibly this summer or perhaps have very generous parents, one of the first things you will need to do this academic year is look for a part time student job. In today’s political and economic climate this is simply something we will all have to do, even those of us who enjoy the finer things in life.

The Almero Student Mansions team have come up with this handy guide on helping to find the best part time student jobs you will be able to find as you embark on your first year of university.

This is just one of a number of features we have published here at the Almero blog this summer, designed to help you negotiate your first days away from home; to see the rest just peruse the rest of our site.

Where Can One Find The Best Student Jobs?

Although you probably won’t want to hear this, perhaps the best way to find student jobs in your new surroundings, is by doing it the traditional way and exploring. There is a lot to be said for putting together an excellent CV and taking it around your respective town or city.

This may seem like a somewhat arduous task, but once fresher’s week is over and your lectures and seminars have started; the time will most probably have come for you get your rent paid for your first semester and when you start budgeting.

The best way for you to give this a welcome boost is for you to ensure you have some regular income in the form of one of the many part time student jobs that will exist in and around your place of study. Once you have decided what you want to do, then circulating your CV the traditional way can be extremely effective.

Should I Go for Weekend Jobs?

It may well be the case, that you have experience of working in a few sectors offering summer jobs for students or weekend jobs. If this is the case then you may be lucky enough to know what kind of job you want when you are away at university.

Whether this is a part time student job on the weekends when you aren’t studying, summer jobs for students where you can save money and then relax during term time or weekend jobs; being as versatile as possible will increase your chances of finding a placement that suits your desires and skills.

Ultimately, the decision to take a weekend job in order to facilitate your studies will really depend on your course and your preferred job. Bar work will not lend itself to well to mid-week work especially during the winter months and should you decide that retail is the sector for you, then you may need to be prepared to work some shifts during the week. So, ensure you choose a vocation that suits your schedule and bear in mind that your workload at university will most likely become quite intense during your second and third years.

Pub Beer Taps

Where Else Can One Find Part Time Jobs at University?

If the old-fashioned approach just isn’t working for you and you just can’t find any part time work at university, then the obvious plan of attack is to take to the internet. Although recruiter sites are often viewed as a treasure trove of opportunity, it can be hard sifting through these to find opportunities that are right for students and their erratic timetables.

Thankfully, there are some sites specifically designed for the student demographic and these could well be worth taking a look at should you be struggling to find part time work or summer jobs. Here are just a few of the site that the Almero team recommends looking at when searching for student jobs in your town or city of study:



Final Tips to Finding a Part Time Job at University

As we have already mentioned, the paramount aspect of any job search is always having a CV that really shows off your potential and is eloquently written and how you present yourself should you succeed in getting an interview.

No matter what interview you secure, whether this is on the tills at a retailer or behind the bar at the local pub or bar, you should arrive on time and look as smart and as enthusiastic as possible.

Complement this with a charming manner and the aforementioned CV and you should have no problem at all when it comes to getting a part0time job at university and giving your bank balance the welcome boost it needs.