How to boost your motivation

As you start to gain momentum with your studies again following the festive break, some of you may be finding it harder than others to get motivated for academia during the dull winter months. After nearly a month of lie-ins, celebrations and basically doing as one pleases, it can be easier said than done to motivate yourself for lecture, seminars and coursework.

With this in mind, we have decided to follow up last week’s guide to the best roast dinners in Nottingham with a guide on how best to boost your motivation. Self-motivation is one of the most important factors at university in terms of academic progress and fulfilling your potential so be sure to read on to find out how to boost your motivation in 2018.

The Art of Self-Motivation

To coin a cliché, self-motivation is really all about “working smarter, not harder”. The main reason many students fail to get stuck into their work effectively, is that it can look a little daunting. If this can be managed the boosting motivation can actually be quite easy.

Just how does one work smarter and not harder though? Fear not, as the Almero team have all the answers for you below.

Make Fresh Starts More Often

Many of us make the mistake of thinking that fresh starts or clean slates are reserved for New Year’s resolutions or perhaps the start of a new semester. This is not the case and by making a fresh start and reinvigorating your studies more often, you can energise yourself and breathe some life into your motivation levels.

Give this research study from Wharton School of Business a good read to find out how you can use this tactic to excellent effect.

Keep Great Company

Now, we are not encouraging you to ditch all the great friends you have made so far at University but there is a lot to be said for keeping positive company. As you enter critical periods of study, then it is beneficial to ensure you are surrounding yourself with individuals who have the same goals as you and are likely to keep you focussed.

Indeed, you will of course have a positive influence on these individuals in return provided you are looking to fulfil your academic potential, so it is a reciprocal “win-win” situation.

Take Setbacks On The Chin

When looking for the best pieces of advice on how to boost motivation, we kept coming back to this one and its one that we have all had to do at some point or other.

Not letting setbacks, whether these are major or minor, negatively impact you could be the key to getting good grades at University. Unfortunately, it is inevitable that you will get some bad grades, feedback you didn’t expect or even fail modules you had worked incredibly hard for.

The students who excel are the ones who learn from these experiences and use this to inform their future performance. So, ensure you are ready to deal with setbacks and use them to your advantage, there is nothing to be gained from mulling over disappointments and allowing this to affect how you motivate yourself.

Reward Yourself Appropriately

Our final and probably most important tip for motivating yourself at University, is ensuring that you reward yourself for your efforts.

Whether this is a meal out with your best mates, a computer game, some chocolate or something else; it doesn’t matter but make sure it something that will keep you working hard through the tricky periods. The chocolate idea may actually be more useful that you thought, too!

When eaten in moderation, chocolate can have a positive impact in your cognitive function which could well result in better grades. It actually releases serotonin which promotes calm and also phenylethylamine which can stimulate parts of the brain which are vital when studying.

Dopamine elevates your heart rate and helps with motivation and there are also anti-depressant properties as well so although certainly not a superfood, rewarding oneself with chocolate during gruelling periods of study could be a great way to stay motivated.

These are our quick and handy tips to staying motivated at university but there are of course lots of other ways to stay positive and on top of our studies. The key is really to remember that you have all sorts of resources at your disposal from tutors and friends to family, and it is all about managing things so you don’t feel too daunted.

Follow the above steps and the Almero Student Mansions team is confident you will feel a lot more positive about the road ahead in no time at all. Be sure to keep visiting the Almero Student Mansions blog to check out some of the other guides and articles written just for students, like this one!