How to conquer homesickness during university

For those who have suffered homesickness before, you will understand the effects it can have on your health. Homesickness varies for people, and some it’s only minor, but for others, it can be a pain and have some negative impacts on your life.

Homesickness can affect up to 70% of freshers, at least for the first few weeks of university and should not be underestimated. Anyone going through this should not feel alone, as being away from home for an extended period of time, perhaps for the first time, is a perfectly acceptable reason to feel somewhat down in the dumps. So, what can homesick students do to deal with this feeling, either in their first year or at any other point in their life?

The Almero Student Mansions team has duly put this guide together on how to deal with homesickness in the hope that it can help you negotiate some of the trickier periods of your time away from home and enjoy your time at university to the full.

How To Deal With Homesickness

If you are feeling homesick, you may want to try some of these tips to help you through what can be a torrid time and one in which it can be hard to knuckle down and focus solely on your studies.


Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle

Homesick symptoms are somewhat similar to those one would feel if they are a depressed or stressed and the ways of beating this are therefore pretty much the same. If you are feeling homesick then one of the best ways to get out of the rut you are in is to maintain a healthy lifestyle.If you’re down in the dumps then it can be only too easy to lock yourself in your room and eat rubbish, but this will simply make things worse. By getting out and about, perhaps to the gym or maybe playing for your university sports team, you are increasing the chance of getting rid of that homesick feeling. Not only will you be socialising with your friends but exercise is a medically proven way to improve your mood. Combine this with a healthy diet and consuming all the vitamins and nutrients one needs, and we bet you will feel immeasurably better in no time at all.

Open Up To Your Friends

If you are feeling homesick, then it really does pay to open up to your friends and family about it; don’t suffer in silence. The common thing to do for many dealing with any kind of emotional issue is to bottle it up and again, lock themselves in their room. It may be easy for us to say but this is probably the worst thing you can do. If you have made some good friends at university then don’t be afraid to speak to them about it, just having a chat with someone you trust can make you feel so much better and enable you to get on with things in a far more positive manner. Homesick students should also consider picking up the phone and speaking to their family about it. They are likely to make you feel better about things, but you do need to be careful not to be calling home every single day as this could contribute to your sickness more; just open up to those you trust as they will know how to reassure you that everything is going to be okay.


Student Guidance Services

Although it won’t feel like it during periods of stress, plenty of people will be feeling just like you especially during the first year of university. For this reason, your university will have trained advisors ready to help you negotiate this tricky period; so be sure to take advantage of what your university has to offer. Many students just like you will have been through this and gone on to have an amazing time at university and also achieve the degree they deserve, much of this will be due to the support and guidance they have received from student support teams. Although they may well provide you with the same advice we have, these individuals will be trained in ensuring homesick students get their mojo back in the quickest time possible, so why not check them out sooner rather than later if you are going through a rough patch.


Ultimately, nobody can tell you how to feel and homesickness is part and parcel of leaving home for the first time. However, by staying fit and healthy, speaking to your nearest and dearest and taking advantage of the facilities you have available to you, this period should be short lived.

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