House sharing with your friends? 6 key questions to ask yourself first

Exeter is a beautiful city, with buildings of all sorts providing student housing.

Almero Student Mansions offers centrally located restored Victorian properties, there are university halls with various offerings, and lots of private rentals. Part of the joy of a student crib is living with your friends. When deciding not only where to live, but also who to live with, we’ve got some hints and tips.

  1. How far away is the university?

Research where most of your time will be spent. Labs, lectures, tutorials, and libraries are all in different places and have different importance depending on your course. Private student accommodation is available throughout the city, so pick a crib to suit your location as well as your lifestyle!

Almero offers luxury student houses and flats in the most sought-after locations, researched to make sure they’re convenient for you and your studies.

  1. How will the bills be split?

In student houses, finances can be tight. Make sure you are upfront about costs, and in particular bills. Will they be evenly divided? What happens if some people choose to use the property during university vacations? Would you expect a contribution if someone’s partner stays frequently? Are you all on the same page about ‘heating on at first sign of cold’ vs. ‘put on extra jumpers until it’s snowing’? Talking about these things before they arise will help avoid any tension later and give everyone peace of mind that you’re on the same page.

All Almero private student accommodation includes electricity, gas, water, broadband and TV licenses, so you never have to worry about paying bills or additional costs. We charge a flat fee per week/month, so you’ll know your exact costs when you sign your contract.

  1. Who gets the biggest room?

Living with friends is exciting, and one of the best things about a student house. However, everyone is different. That means different expectations, and different budgets. It’s crucial to discuss budgets, and also to talk about value. Many properties have rooms of different sizes, or with different features. Be sure to discuss what these extra perks equate to in terms of money, if anything, and check that everyone is on the same page. Be honest about what you’re comfortable spending, and what you feel is fair for others!

  1. Are the building and neighbourhood student friendly?

Area is crucial in terms of feeling safe. For your student house to be a sanctuary for study, comfort and connection it needs to be somewhere you feel safe. It’s important to research the roads surrounding any property, and also the nearest community – what’s the vibe of the cafes and services? Look for student accommodation which is within walking distance of somewhere you’d actively want to spend time, whether that’s a brunch spot, some open space, or a bar!

Almero’s Blockyard Apartments are in a prime location for both Streatham and St Luke’s campuses. The University campuses are within a mile and a half, and the bustling shopping area of Exeter High Street is a short walk. This means you’ll be surrounded by students, student housing and student friendly businesses. That means deals designed just for you, on your doorstep!

  1. Where can you eat?

The food on your doorstep is probably what you will end up eating… at least some of the time! Do some research into what’s within walking distance and where will deliver to your potential accommodation. However insistent a student house is that they’re enthusiastic cooks keen to feed each other, takeaways will happen and celebrations will call for restaurants.

Almero residents enjoy delivery of brunch from Absurd Bird and Turkish food from Pasha, amongst many others. Restaurants, cafes and bars are within easy walking distance from our private accommodation. It’s also conveniently located for public transport should students wish to travel further away within Exeter on their culinary quests!

  1. What can you do?

Think about your ideal weekend, and be honest. Would it include a couple of hours in an art gallery, or a record shop? Would it begin with brunch and cocktails? Would you be out playing sport before your housemates even rise? Whatever matters to you, check that it’s accessible from your potential student house. However great your housemates are, you’ll want to keep that outside life ticking over too!

Exeter has student housing or flats to suit everyone, whether that’s private accommodation or student halls. Do your research, and then really enjoy these years of living with your friends!