Healthy Mind. Healthy Body. Healthy Student.

For many, university is a big step towards independence and student accommodationis a first experience of living away from home. You’re suddenly in charge of your own finances, diet, schedule and ultimately your health. With more control over what you put into your body and how you spend your time, it follows that how good you feel is largely within your control too.

It’s vital to register with a GP near where you live, but there are plenty of other positive steps you can take to look after yourself too. Remember that better health means more energy for the things you want to do! As with most things, there are endless online tools, and your smartphone can be your best ally in the journey to wellness. We’ve rounded up some of the best apps for your mind and body.

Brain boosters

Your brain is a powerful tool, and looking after it will help regulate mood, energy and health. Mindfulness is becoming widely regarded as a vital aspect of modern living. Meditation and gratitude can help counter the hectic schedules we now keep and offer respite from overwhelming situations and everyday stress.

The Mindfulness App

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This app is specifically about creating a healthier and more relaxed state of mind. With sessions for beginners through to experienced meditators available on-demand, it’s a library of calm for your pocket! Perfect for periods of stress like settling into a new home or tackling exam season, it’s available from the App Store & Google Play.


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One of the original meditation apps, and arguably still one of the best! Headspace is about an achievable approach to incorporating mindfulness into every single day. This helps build your resilience and ability to use meditation whenever you might need it. With sessions for everything from unique morning ‘Wake Up’ starters to better sleep, plus targeted approaches for anxiety, self-esteem and increased gratitude, it’s easy to see why this lives in 70 million phones! Available from the App Store & Google Play, with free and subscription versions.

Insight Timer

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Free forever and with a near perfect 5-star rating, Insight Timer is an attractive option. It features 30,000 guided meditations for you to access in your own time, all recorded by renowned yogis and mental health experts. It has short sessions for beginners and keeps accurate records of your practice as you progress. Brilliant for anyone ready to incorporate meditation in a meaningful way to their schedule. Available from the App Store & Google Play.

Body buddies

It’s not just your mind you need to take care of, your physical health needs attention too! Luckily there are plenty of apps to help motivate and engage you.

SuperFood – Healthy Recipes

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Available for iPhone & Android, this app offers tasty recipes for healthy meals. It’s sure to inspire you towards the student accommodation kitchen! With lots of dishes centred around seasonal fresh food, you’ll also be eating more sustainably. The app includes features like building a shopping list, calculating portion size and nutritional information and teaching you about superfoods as you cook.

Couch to 5k

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If you’re a runner you’ll already have a preferred app installed. If you’re not, this NHS researched app is for you! It guides you through from sedentary to speedy and will have you exploring your local streets at a pace. Running can also be a low-pressure social activity because you won’t need to talk constantly, but company can offer motivation and safety.

Finally, check whether your university gym, or the fitness centre near your student housing has an app. Often these give access to priority booking for classes, discounts on membership and extra features including recorded training sessions or meal planners.