Free time management tools to help organise your time at uni

Time management whilst at university is likely to be one of the biggest conundrums you encounter during your studies.

The step up from A-Levels to a degree course can be hard for many students to adjusts to and ultimately, can often result in individuals not quite gaining the qualifications they deserve.

In the latest of our series of student advice guides here at Almero Student Mansions, we examine the best of the free time management tools you can utilise to effectively manage your time at university.

These are, of course, no replacement for hard work and discipline, but could well assist you when it comes to the prioritisation of your tasks and managing what can often be a daunting workload.


What Are The Best Time Management Apps?

Time management apps are perhaps the most useful of the education and academia based applications out there for students, as they can give a real boost to what you achieve during your studies.

There are student planner apps to software designed to keep you focussed, the options are quite expansive making it a bit of a minefield; but we have profiled what we deem to be the best free apps for time management, so you can get stuck right in.


MyStudyLife is our top pick when it comes to the best time management apps due to the fact it ticks every single box. The interface is intuitive, you can access it from your phone or your desktop and it is designed to cater for all of the modern student’s needs.

It has a calendar for adding all your lecture, seminars, revision session and any other commitments you may have as well as a task checklist, exam timetable, scheduler and you can search all of these sections incredible easily from whatever device you choose to use.

The dashboard also profiles all of these categories beautifully, making it an excellent choice when looking for the best free time management app.


Trello is an app designed to save time not just for students but also professionals in industries across the world. It doesn’t quite have the slick interface of MyStudyLife but its simplicity makes it one of the most popular apps around.

You can add team members to your boards, which you may want to set up for your various subjects and classes and add things such as checklists, deadlines and labels to ensure nothing is ever missed.

Trello will then notify you the day before, so you have good time to ensure you have your coursework, revision or essay completed in good time. If you are on the lookout for student time planner application that is simple and no-nonsense, then this could be the one for you.

Cold Turkey

If you time management issues emanate from love for social media or other such distracting websites, then Cold Turkey could be well worth checking out; but beware!

This time management tool will essentially cut out the majority of the websites you visit and leave you with just academic and informational ones, which could be just what you need during an intense period of revision or study.

This is a distraction blocker on steroids and you can’t skip it by using a different app or uninstalling it whilst it’s running. The app comes with a block list of all the most notorious sites and you can add your own vices to this list to ensure you are completely focussed.

If you are deadly serious about your time management then Cold Turkey would be a prudent choice, but be sure to get your social media fix before installing!


Our final time management tool is Evernote, as we couldn’t really exclude such an established bit of kit from our guide. This piece of software has been around for ages but there is a reason for that, as it allows you to manage your time by combining your notes, thoughts and ideas all into one digestible interface.

One of the key reasons for bad time management is simply a lack of organisation, and Evernote will help you to tackle this when it really matters. You can also save your lecture notes, videos and other resources so you can refer to them with ease, whenever you need to.


Although this one won’t directly impact how you spend your time, we believe it will help you to spend less time searching for your work and more time actually learning; which makes it a winner in our eyes!

We hope you find this guide to the best free time management tools useful and are confident that at least one of them will help you to streamline your studies. We would welcome your thoughts and don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team should you have any questions regarding our luxury student accommodation.