Five things to do during your gap year

As the end of the current academic year draws ever closer, the time may well be imminent for you to decide upon your gap year. Whether you are finishing you’re A-Levels, taking a break between years at University or even finishing your degree and thinking about taking your year out before you enter the world of full time employment; it is not a decision to be taken lightly.

Gap year

Evaluate your options

There are all sorts of options you are going to have to make regarding your gap year and we know from speaking to our valued customers, that sussing out just what you are going to do can be a daunting process and even lead some students to abandon their gap year altogether. Thankfully, we are on hand to help. Utilising all our years of experience in the sector, our team has come up with five things you should be looking to do during your gap year in order to maximise the experience and ensure you have a truly memorable twelve months away from home. Of course, our suggestions entirely depend on where you choose to go for your gap year so be sure to do your research on the myriad of locations available to you and the facilities that will be available to you when you are there. Many of you may well choose to visit numerous locations when on your gap year, which will of course increase the chances of you being able to pack all sorts into your journey.

Gap year ideas


If you are planning on doing quite a bit of globetrotting on your gap year, particularly around Europe then you should most definitely look to enjoy some snow sports whilst you are away. Many resorts around regions such as the Alps and the Pyrenees will offer bar and restaurant work whilst you are there, especially if you are looking to stay for an extended period during your gap year.



This one is absolutely tailor made for students on a gap year looking to box off as many destination as they can in a short space of time. Tickets are very affordable given the number of cities you can whizz through and has been a very popular choice for over fifty years now. Students come from all across the globe to jump on the InterRail, so this can also be a fantastic way to meet likeminded students and have an amazing time in your gap year.

Work in Australia

When deciding what to do in a gap year, the staple choice of many a British student or young person has long been Australia and New Zealand. What attracts so many of us to this part of the world is up for debate but it could well be something to do with the endless beaches, social culture, sports and food that is enjoyed by the majority of the locals across the region. The fact that English is also the native tongue makes it very easy for you to enjoy all that Australia has to offer without having to swat up too much beforehand.

Safari in Southern Africa

This isn’t just a gap year idea but usually right at the top of most people’s bucket list, so why not get it done when you are young? Safaris in this part of the world are as good as they come and you can see a plethora of wildlife under the safeguard of fully trained rangers. There are all sorts of hidden gems in this region apart from South Africa, which are also well worth visiting if opting for this on your gap year such as Botswana, Namibia, Lesotho and Swaziland.


Gap year volunteering

Last on our list of things to do during your gap year is perhaps the most rewarding and valuable activity one can undertake on their gap year. Aside from the fact that volunteering looks incredible on your CV, this is obviously a fantastic way for you to give something to those less fortunate to you during your gap year. Although this isn’t a popular choice for those looking to party on their gap year, it is very popular amongst those looking for an enriching and rewarding experience. One can volunteer in many parts of the world, from teaching in Peru and Colombia to trekking and offering volunteer work in Borneo where you can work with a vast range of nature and wildlife.

These are our top five things to do during your gap year and we hope they have given you some inspiration for what could well be the best year of your life. There are of course hundreds of other things you could do when travelling across the globe and we would love to hear your suggestions for other students looking for some inspiration.