Five scarily good Halloween costume ideas for students on a budget

Sick of being a basic witch? We’ve put together five quick and easy halloween outfit ideas that will totally level up your fancy dress game – whatever your budget.

For the fashion nerd: Billie Eilish

  1. Look for the biggest t-shirt and pair of board shorts available in your local charity shops.

  2. Carefully place a blob of fake blood under your nose.

  3. Spray your hair blue or green with some temporary hair dye.

For maximum effect, hide in a big cardboard box by the sofa and jump out at an opportune moment. Iconic.

For the exhibitionist: GLOW wrestler

  1. Team your brightest swimsuit or leotard with a pair of tights and a waist-belt.

  2. Turn your head upside down and use an entire can of hair spray.

  3. Raid your local Barry M concession stand and go *bright* with the eyeshadow.

Leg warmers optional. Attitude essential.

For the couple who likes to be comfortable: KimYe

  1. Decide on a colour scheme and coordinate your leisurewear – preferably all white, grey or black.

  2. For Kim, oil up that hair into wet look waves and go big on the false eyelashes and heels.

  3. For Kanye, simply add a small gold cross or rosary and some sunglasses.

Remember to leave time for your Instagram photo shoot.

For the shady one: Narcos cartel leader

  1. Hit up the charity shops for the loudest Hawaiian shirt you can find.

  2. Use eyeliner to draw on a bushy 1970s pornstar ‘tache.

  3. Accessorise with lots of gold.

Bonus points if you DIY a fake cigar.

For the whole gang: Recreate the Friends title sequence

There are so many Friends costume ideas, this could be a whole article by itself. But this is the simplest and most recognisable.

  1. Everyone needs to wear black and white, ideally turtle necks.

  2. Order a mix of red, yellow and blue umbrellas, available on prime here.

  3. Hang around the sofa all night singing the theme tune.

Order this giant photo frame for maximum effect.

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