Are you guaranteed your dream job with a degree?

As results day for bachelors and master’s degree students looms ever larger, a big topic of conversation here at Almero Student Mansions and among our residents has been graduate jobs. Once you get your hard-earned results, the time will come for you to start thinking about entering the world of full-time education, whether this is straight away or perhaps a year or so of travelling or relaxation.

The big question these days, is whether or not you are actually guaranteed the job of your dreams with your degree? It is a hot topic and one that doesn’t really have a definitive answer due to how much courses and industries differ, but our team has put their heads together to examine this intriguing subject.


Graduate Jobs in 2017 & 2018

You will no doubt have read or heard many disparaging tales about the full value of a degree and whether or not this does guarantee you a job, and the important thing to bear in mind is that it absolutely helps.

Of course, just completing your degree does not mean you can just walk into your dream employer’s office and demand a job, you will need to complement this with a sterling attitude, great experience and killer CV, and a likeable attitude and personality.

The fact of the matter is, however, that without a bachelor’s (and in some cases a master’s) degree, some professions are virtually impossible to break into. So, although this much sought-after certificate you have poured your sweat and tears into for years isn’t a golden ticket, it is the best shot in the arm you can acquire and sets your career moving very much in the right direction.

What Are Graduate Schemes?

Many industries, especially the more competitive ones, will have graduate schemes which are simply perfect for candidates such as yourselves.

These graduate programmes show the value of your degree as you would clearly not be able to gain access to these schemes without getting a degree and there will also be pre-requisites in terms of the grades you will need to achieve to get on these schemes.

Jobs for graduates can sometimes be at a premium, and these programmes are really where your extra-curricular activities and work experience can really shine through. So, if you have got a first you will clearly be a top candidate and likely to do very well in any graduate scheme, but these programmes give all graduates the chance to show their prospective employers just why they are perfect for the positions available.

Where Can One Find The Best Graduate Programmes?

If you are about to graduate in a subject offering these schemes, then there are several places you can find them, and it wouldn’t hurt to check these out prior to getting your results, so you are well prepared. The best places to look are:

  • Reputable Job Websites

  • Graduate Training Providers

  • On Campus at University

  • Careers Fairs & Advisors

  • Direct at Employer Recruitment Events

As millennials, none of us needs to be shown how to look for events such as these online, and you will find great success in doing just that, but also don’t forget to take the traditional approach and speak to your careers advisors at university as they will have an abundance of literature on all the graduate schemes available in your local area and of course, vocation.

Guaranteed Jobs?

In conclusion, the best advice we can offer you here at Almero Student Mansions is to attack your degree with all you can as having great results is absolutely going to boost your career path. There are no guarantees in life, and if your CV doesn’t make for great reading apart from your results, then you may struggle when competing with other candidates.

Man with Tie

That said, a first-class degree or similar in your chosen subject and excellent complementary skills are going to make you extremely appealing to employers and give you that boost you need when looking to make your way in one of the ever popular graduate schemes available across the UK.

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