Creative Student Room Design Ideas

The likelihood is that you will be spending a great deal of time in your bedroom during your time at university. Although university is all about meeting new people and the communal areas of your student digs tend to be a hive of activity, you room is probably the only place you can get away from it all especially during busy times of study.

As such, it is of paramount importance to ensure that your student room is as aesthetically pleasing as possible. Interior decor does not have to be expensive either, which will be music to the ears of most students.

Although it may be tempting to splash out on your room, particularly if you have been used to home comforts until now, there are some awesome creative student room ideas out there. True to form, we have profiled some of the very best for you, so you can make your student bedroom utterly comfortable and truly relaxing.

pinned paper with a light bulb draw

1. Reach for the Fairy Lights

Predictable, we know. But fairy lights are popular for a reason and can add a lovely ambiance to even the most basic of student dorms. You can drape these badboys anywhere, from your headboard to your shelves and window ledges.

Thankfully, these are now very affordable, and you can pick up great fairy flights from the likes of Wilkos and Tesco, meaning the brightening up of your bedroom has never been easier or cheaper.

2. Try a Tapestry

Your student landlord may not be a fan of you painting your bedroom pink, blue or any other vibrant colour but there are ways you can get creative with this. A good tip is to head for a charity shop or maybe somewhere such as Wayfair or Etsy online and grab yourself a nice throw or tapestry.

You can pin this to your wall to create a great, bohemian atmosphere and its also cheap as chips. This idea is also a winner due to the fact you won’t see your deposit compromised for the repainting of any walls or door.

3. Invest in some Rugs & Mats

A good rug or mat doesn’t have to be expensive and a tasteful one can really brighten up even the most lacklustre of student rooms. Argos and Amazon always have a great selection perfect for the student budget but we recommend you invest in one that is likely to last you at least a couple of years.

Although all of our student properties come with state of the art heating, investing in a good quality, fluffy rug or mat could give your feet that extra comfort boost in the winter months and will also make your room look all the more inviting when you have had a hard day on campus our out on the town.

4. Complement with Cushions

Comfort is really the name of the game when decorating your student bedroom, but style is of course an added bonus. Cushions are a great way to achieve both and due to stores, such as Primark, they don’t need to break the bank.

Whether you’re into Harry Potter, One Direction or perhaps prefer a less quirky approach and just want some nice colours and tones, you can pick up a whole load of these handy accessories for less than twenty quid. These will help you get comfy when you’re watching Netflix and also add a final touch to your bedroom.

5. Perfect Your Room with Plants

Plants are a great touch for a student bedroom, for a couple of reasons. Leaves are a fantastic aesthetic addition to your room and can add a natural touch to a room, which always complements all of your other furniture and accessories. From cactuses and bonsai's to more traditional plants and shrubs, the world is really your oyster and you will be able to find a wide selection at your local Tesco, Sainsbury’s or even Aldi.

In addition to this, plants are well known the clean the air in your room which could be very welcome during particularly boozy periods or perhaps when the lurgy is going around in the winter months. SO, just investing in a few plants could transform your room from the stereotypical student dorm, to a fresh and wholesome living space.

These are just a few creative student room designs we have used to great effect over the years, but there are of course hundreds out there. Why not take a look online to see if you can find any more methods for turning your Almero Student Mansion into a masterpiece?

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